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Here are the Businesses Allowed to Operate Under MGCQ in Baguio City

As Baguio City will transition into Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) status starting Monday, June 1, 2020, the city government has released a list of businesses that will be allowed to operate.

Operating Hours

Allowed establishments may open at 6:00 AM and close before 9:00 PM.

Cluster 1

Type of Business Schedule
Public markets (subject to City Market Guidelines) Monday to Saturday; Sunday is lockdown day
Supermarket, Groceries, Convenience Stores Monday to Sunday
General Merchandise Monday to Sunday
Hospitals Monday to Sunday
Pharmacies and Drugstores Monday to Sunday
Wellness stores and personal care products Monday to Sunday
Medical Clinics, and Health Clinics such as dermatological and Other clinics for non- aesthetic such as dental, optometric, and EENT, subject to strict health standards and strict observance of infection prevention and control protocols. Wearing of PPE by dentists and attendants shall be mandatory Monday to Sunday; upon approval by the City Health Services Office
Food Preparation and Delivery Services – fast food, restaurants, canteens. coffee shops, refreshments, carinderia

NOTE: Dine-in may be allowed with 50% sitting capacity subject to guidelines to be posted soonest

Monday to Sunday
Water Refilling Stations Monday to Sunday
Laundry Services (including self-service machines) Monday to Sunday
Power. energy, water and telecommunications supplies and facilities Monday to Sunday
Logistics Service Providers (cargo handling, warehousing, trucking, freight forwarding, and shipping line) Monday to Sunday
Delivery services, whether in-house or outsourced Monday to Sunday
Business Process Outsourcing establishments Monday to Sunday
Postal and Courier services Monday to Sunday
Newspaper Stand Monday to Sunday
Boarding Houses Monday to Sunday
Funeral Services

Funeral chapels should implement 50% venue capacity

Monday to Sunday
Manufacturing and processing plants of basic food products and medicines Monday to Sunday
Banks, money transfer services, microfinance institutions, pawnshops and credit cooperatives. including their armored vehicle services, if any Monday to Sunday
Agricultural supply stores Monday to Sunday
Veterinary supply stores Monday to Sunday
Veterinary clinics Monday to Sunday
Electrical supply stores/supply services Monday to Sunday

Cluster 2


Type of Business Schedule
Auto supply stores/repair services Monday to Sunday
Bicycle supply shop/ repair shop Monday to Sunday
Garment/Textile Monday to Sunday
Hardware Stores Monday to Sunday
Appliance Supply and Repair Stores Monday to Sunday
Office Supply Stores/School Supplies/Bookstores Monday to Sunday
Electronic/ Electrical Supply Stores Monday to Sunday
Information and Communications Technology Gadget Stores Monday to Sunday
Furniture Stores Monday to Sunday
Printing and Publishing Monday to Sunday
Department Stores Monday to Sunday
Infant/Maternity Stores Monday to Sunday
Professional Services Monday to Sunday
Beauty Parlors and barber shops

Starting June 7, 2020 50% venue capacity

Monday to Sunday
Cellphone Load Stations Monday to Sunday
ESL schools Monday to Sunday
Online tutorial schools, online classes Monday to Sunday
Internet/Computer Shops


Monday to Sunday
Travel agency, tour operator, reservation service and related activities Monday to Sunday
Repair of computers. personal and household equipment and appliances Monday to Sunday
Watch repair stand Monday to Sunday
Welding shop, machine shop/repair Monday to Sunday
Construction workers for public and private construction projects that are identified as critical and essential (i.e sewerage, water service facilities, flood controls, etc

NOTE: Upon approval by the City Administration Office

Monday to Sunday
Souvenir Shop Monday to Sunday
Handicrafts Monday to Sunday
Tobacco Section Monday to Sunday
Jewelry Section Monday to Sunday
Public transportation (PUJs, Taxis only), limited number of units

NOTE: Only LTFRB-approved vehicles and subject to transport sector guidelines

Monday to Sunday
RTW/Second-hand Clothing (with permanent stalls) Monday to Sunday; open alternately
Retail and Repair of ICT (cellphone, laptop, desk , other gadgets, load) Monday to Sunday; open alternately
Amusement  Monday to Sunday; 50% venue capacity and upon approval by the City Mayor’s Office
Gyms, Fitness Studios and Sports Facilities Monday to Sunday; 50% venue capacity and subject to inspection and approval by the City Sports Office
Group functions inside business establishments Monday to Sunday; 50% venue capacity and limited to essential work activities only

For deliberation


Type of business Schedule
Libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural activities No schedule; for deliberation
RTW/ Second-hand Clothing (without stalls), Night Market No schedule; for deliberation
Massage/spa services No schedule; for deliberation

Not Allowed to Operate

The following businesses are still not allowed to operate until further notice:

  • Tutorial Services (face to face)
  • Physical classes (face to face)
  • Music class (face to face)
  • Ambulant and sidewalk vendors
  • Gambling and betting activities
  • Activities of membership organizations

For Queries and Concerns

For queries and concerns, you may call 300-6573.



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  1. It’s stated in the here that Spa/ Massage services are still under deliberation as to whether they should operate or not. Are there any new developments on these establishments or businesses?

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