Filipino New Year’s Eve Traditions

Filipinos celebrate New Year with notable enthusiasm. And along with such excitement are the practices we got from our ancestors that we continue to carry out until today.

Which of the following Filipino traditions do you still practice during New Year’s Eve?

1. Making some noise to drive bad luck away

Aside from enjoying the colorful light display in the skies during New Year’s eve, it is believed that bright and loud fireworks drive away evil spirits that bring bad luck to households.

On the other hand, other people choose to make noise with the use of colorful hornpipes, tin cans tied to their cars, playing loud music or even their kitchenware.

2. Throwing coins in areas within the house

The idea may sound crazy to some people but in the Philippines, families throw coins inside the house because they believe that doing so will attract prosperity as another year approaches.

3. Jumping as midnight strikes

Another superstitious belief in the Philippines is that when a person jumps as midnight strikes on New Year’s eve, he will get taller. And although there isn’t any scientific explanation about this, children get so excited to jump especially when the countdown to New Year begins.

4. Preparing 12 round-shaped fruits for Media Noche

Filipino families prepare 12 kinds of round-shaped fruits during Media Noche with the belief that they’ll attract luck which will last for the whole year.

5. Preparing ‘Pancit‘ and ‘Malagkit’

Filipinos believe that having ‘Pancit’ on your Media Noche will allow you to live a longer life. On the other hand, preparing ‘Malagkit’ is as good as keeping the family bond stronger.

6. Wearing clothes with Polka dots

People believe that wearing clothes with polka dots when welcoming New Year will attract a good fortune because the dots symbolizes money.

What’s more important than any belief or tradition

No matter what traditions you follow on New Year’s Eve, always remember this. What’s more important than any tradition (or better yet, anything in this world) is that you welcome New Year with the people you love and that you look forward to face anything that the year has to offer as long as you are all together to support one another.

Have any other Filipino traditions that your family practices on New Year’s Eve aside from the ones mentioned above? We’d love to know more about them in the comments!

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