4 Tips for a fun & educational Baguio Vacation

Vacations are meant to give a family the time to relax and and just enjoy each other’s company. Though wouldn’t it be nice to know that children can still learn while having fun during a trip? Some may say that this will make things even more complicated and tiring. But remember, the key to a successful trip is proper planning. 

So how can a trip to Baguio become educational?

Some may argue that it is hard to integrate education to a family trip to Baguio City. A lot may even say that all you can do when in Baguio is to visit tourist attractions and look for places where you can eat. But you know what? There’s more to Baguio City than tourist attractions to visit.

1. Don’t just take photos of Baguio.

It will be more exciting and interesting for both you and your children if you don’t just take photos at tourist attractions but also learn about the historical places here in Baguio City. So when planning for your itinerary, make sure to research about historical places in Baguio that you can visit with your family.

Aside from learning something about the past, this will stimulate the children’s imagination of how things used to be in the places you’ll visit.

2. Visit Museums.

There are actually several museums you can visit around Baguio City. There are some that feature paintings, wood works and other forms of art while others house artifacts and old photos of Baguio. So the next time you visit the City of Pines, you may choose to visit museums where your children can learn about history and the arts.

3. Find Places where you can try local dishes.

Local cuisines give us a clearer picture of a place’s culture and identity. So why not go to restaurants that offer local dishes in Baguio City? Aside from satisfying your appetite, you and your children can have the chance to learn about the culture of Baguio or the Cordilleras in general.

4. Get to know the locals.

It isn’t just about meeting new people. It’s more on learning and understanding the way how Baguio people live. Because once you understand the people, you’d be able share what you know to your children and teach them how to act and respect the locals and the place itself.

Make it a worthwhile trip for your children

Nothing is more rewarding than knowing that your family vacation was a wonderful and unforgettable memory for everyone. And seeing your children learn from it as well is even better. So the next time you start planning a trip to Baguio, you might want to add a little twist by making it extra fun and educational by doing the things we’ve mentioned.

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