Filipino Food Ranks 10th Most Popular Cuisine on Instagram

According to the research conducted by Chef’s Pencil, Filipino food is the 10th most popular cuisine on Instagram with 1,661,000 Million Tags.

Chef’s Pencil’s Most Popular Cuisines & Foods on Instagram article was published on February 16, 2021.

The Chef’s Pencil has stated on its website that “Instagram is the place to be to showcase food. As of February 2021, #food alone accounted for 430 million Instagram posts.”

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Top 15  Most Popular Cuisines on Instagram

Chef’s Pencil has stated that it has analyzed Instagram data in February 2021 and rankings of the Most Popular Cuisines on Instagram are based on the number of tags. In addition, the number of tags reported is rounded down to the nearest thousand.

Here are the Top 15 Most Popular Cuisines on Instagram:

  1. Japanese | 15, 523,000 Million Tags
  2. Italian | 14,720,00 Million Tags
  3. Indian | 8,589,00 Million Tags
  4. Korean | 7,524,000 Million Tags
  5. Thai | 7,324,000 Million Tags
  6. Mexican | 6,708,000 Million Tags
  7. Chinese | 6,489,000 Million Tags
  8. Indonesian | 3,815,000 Million Tags
  9. Vietnamese | 2,845,000 Million Tags
  10. Filipino | 1,661,000 Million Tags
  11. French | 1,513,000 Million Tags
  12. Greek | 1,509,000 Million Tags
  13. Peruvian | 1,110,000 Million Tags
  14. Spanish | 1,093,000 Million Tags
  15. Turkish | 1,076,000 Million Tags

About Chef’s Pencil

Chef’s Pencil is an international foodie magazine that was launched in 2009 by Paul Hegeman, a Dutch chef based in Sydney, Australia, and it features content for all levels of cooks and foodies.

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Source: Chef’s Pencil

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