FDA Warns Public Not to Purchase and Consume the Following Unregistered Food Products

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Philippines, through separate Facebook posts published yesterday (Monday), February 22, 2021, warned all healthcare professionals and the general public against the purchase and consumption several unregistered food products.

According to the FDA, it has verified through online monitoring or post-marketing surveillance that the said products are not registered and no corresponding Certificates of Product Registration (CPR) have been issued.

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Since the unregistered food products have not gone through FDA’s evaluation process, the agency stated that it cannot assure the products’ quality and safety.

Moreover, the agency also warned all concerned establishments not to distribute, advertise, or sell the violative products until CPR are issued.

Unregistered Food Products

Below are some of the unregistered food products the FDA warned the healthcare professionals and the general public about:

FDA Advisory No.2021-0247

  •  XIANGSALAO Chicken Egg in a Vacuumed Pouch with Black Packaging
  • NOUGAT Candy Bars in Yellow Transparent Packaging Inside a Box
  • Dry Duck Neck Meat Product in Transparent Pink Colored Vacuumed Pouch
  • STRIDE Candy Watermelon Flavor with Blue, Red and Silver Packaging
  • Fermented Chili in a Plastic Bottle with Yellow Cap

FDA Advisory No.2021-0248

  • CHA CHEER Crackers in Yellow Packaging (In Foreign Language)
  • TRANSFORMED Glutathione + Collagen Juice Mix Lemon Flavor
  • TRANSFORMED Glutathione + Collagen Premium Quality Coffee Mix
  • TRANSFORMED Glutathione + Collagen Premium Milk Tea Okinawa Flavor
  • HI Food Product in Black Packaging with Red Label with Image of Bone Broth (In Foreign Language)

FDA Advisory No.2021-0249

  • XIANGMANTIA in Vacuumed Silver Foil Pack with Red Colored Label (In Foreign Language)
  • DALIYUAN Swiss Roll Strawberry Flavor (In Foreign Language)
  • DALIYUAN Swiss Roll Orange Flavor (In Foreign Language)
  • DALIYUAN Swiss Roll Banana Flavor (In Foreign Language)
  • DALIYUAN Swiss Roll Chocolate Flavor (In Foreign Language)

FDA Advisory No.2021-0250

  • JI XIANG JU Fermented Vegetable in Glass Bottle with Green Cap (In Foreign Langauge)
  • OREO Strawberry Flavor in Blue Carton Rectangular Box (In Foreign Langauge)
  • OREO Chocolate Flavor in Blue Carton Rectangular Box (In Foreign Langauge)
  • Braised Pork Rice Meal in Red Tub with Violet and White Label (In Foreign Langauge)
  • ENERGY Malabaodu Cup Noodles in Brown Packaging with Green Label (In Foreign Langauge)

FDA Advisory No.2021-0251

  • ENERGY Cup Noodles in Silver Packaging with Violet Label (In Foreign Language)
  • JIADE Egg Albumin in Red Rectangular Box (In Foreign Language)
  • Vinegar Pepper Soup (In Foreign Language)
  • Rice Meal in Silver Tub with Blue Label with Image of Cat (In Foreign Language)
  • Biscuits in a Rectangular Can with Red and Blue Label (In Foreign Language)

FDA Advisory No.2021-0252

  • MER’S Peanut Empanada
  • PANADERIA DE MOLO Native Chocolate
  • H & E Pancit Canton
  • ZYNERGIA Virgin L’huille de Coco
  • Food Product in Yellow Colored Plastic Packaging with Image of Duck Feet (In Foreign Language)

FDA Advisory No.2021-0253

  • BENTO Squid Seafood Snack Spicy Seaweed (In Foreign Language)
  • ZYNERGIA Classic 8 in 1 Coffee Mix
  • UNA VIDA 12 in 1 Coffee
  • Purple Corn Juice
  • HJ REPACKING Food Coloring Egg Yellow 12’s

FDA Advisory No.2021-0254

  • AJITENKA Crispy Pea (In Foreign Language)
  • PALAÑA Super Savers Sprinkles Choco Flavor
  • PALAÑA Super Savers Sprinkles Cheese Powder
  • PALAÑA Super Savers Sesame Seeds
  • PALAÑA Super Savers Pop Rice

FDA Advisory No.2021-0255

  • XIANG CUI LUO BO PI Chang Sha Chang long Food in Foil Pack with Black and Gold Colored Packaging (In Foreign Language)
  • SUNJIAN DOYJUAN Vacuumed Foil Packaging with White Label with Image of Bamboo Shoots (In Foreign Language)
  • Pink Big Box with Images of Strawberry and Yogurt (In Foreign Language)
  • Spicy Lou Si Rice Noodles in White and Red Foil Pack Packaging (In Foreign Language)
  • LAO JIE KOU in Light Brown Colored Paper Packaging with Image of Children Eating Barbeque (In Foreign Language)

FDA Advisory No.2021-0256

  • SHIKAOXING in White with Red Colored Pouch with Image of Man and Peanuts (In Foreign Language)
  • Meat Like Product in Vacuumed Pouch with Black and Red Label (In Foreign Language)
  • Bottled Chili Paste with Red Lid and Image of Man (In Foreign Language)
  • QING GE WANGZAI Red Tub with Black and Green Colored Packaging with Image of Boy (In Foreign Language)
  • Full Waffle in Transparent Pouch with Yellow Markings (In Foreign Language)

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