Executive Order 51 new GCQ Guidelines in Baguio
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City of Baguio released revised GCQ Guidelines affecting liquor ban, curfew among others

The City of Baguio will now be observing the revised General Community Quarantine (GCQ) Guidelines under Executive order No. 51 series of 2021 that was signed by Mayor Benjamin Magalong yesterday April 10, 2021. The provisions of the said executive order eased several restrictions under the previous GCQ rules.

Summary of the revised GCQ Guidelines in the City of Baguio

Rules on Minimum Public Health Standards

There rules on public health standards shall strictly be observed. That is, all persons in the City of Baguio must wear their facemasks at all times and shall strictly observe the rules on physical/social distancing. Physical/social distancing must be a distance of at least one meter radius between persons at any given time.
Wearing of face shield is also mandatory as it acts as an extra layer of protection over face masks, EXCEPT if it hampers, cause hazard or impede movement or vision of the wearer while working or activities that require physical exertion.

Rules for Minors and Senior Citizens

All persons below the age of fifteen (15) or over the age of sixty-five (65) shall stay in their residences at all times, EXCEPT:

a. When availing of essential goods or services
b. when working in permitted industries
c. When seeking medical attention or consultation
d. When participating in permitted activities.

For such exceptions the following must be observed:

i. Minors below fifteen years of age who will be availing of essential services or attend permitted activities MUST be accompanied by parents or adult guardians at ALL TIMES. Such minors are NOT ALLOWED to enter enclosed crowded spaces such as groceries, markets, supermarkets, cinemas and other similar premises where the number of persons exceeds more than 30% of the establishment’s capacity at any given time.

ii. Employees who are immunocompromised, pregnant or over the age of sixty-five (65) may not be assigned to client facing tasks and duties, they shall also be prioritized to avail of alternate work arrangements.

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Rules on CURFEW

The rule on CURFEW has been eased, the new curfew is will now be from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM. The curfew will NOT APPLY to the following:
a. Those working in frontline services
b. Employees in the Medical Services
c. Uniformed Personnel ON DUTY
d. Security Services
e. BPO and export oriented industries

Pharmacies, grocery stores, and other retail establishments for medicine, food and other essential commodities may be allowed to operate 24/7.

Restaurants, Fast-food establishments and eateries that chose to operate during curfew hours may be allowed only for take-out or delivery services.

Rules on Liquor Ban

A limited liquor ban is now being implemented. This time, the ban on sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages and liquor products within the City of Baguio shall be from 10:00 PM to 10:00 AM the following morning.

Rules on Consumption of alcoholic beverages in restaurants
The consumption of alcoholic beverage as an incident to dining in food and beverage retail establishments with dine-in services PROVIDED the following are observed:

a. A maximum of four (4) individual servings per diner is allowed for beer, wine or cocktails.
b. For liquor and distilled spirits a maximum of two (2) bottles per table shared by two (2) or more people where the volume of the beverage does not exceed one (1) liter. Or a maximum of one (1) bottle per shared table of two (2) or more persons where the volume thereof exceeds one (1) liter. Neither shall be served for individual diner.

General Restrictions for Border Management


For APOR’s

APOR’s (Authorized Persons Outside of Residence) who are traveling for authorized, official or work related purposes shall be allowed entry subject to triage protocols and documentary requirements stated in hdf.baguio.gov.ph.

For Tourists

Tourism and leisure travels for non-residents shall remain SUSPENDED until such time that the Department of Tourism allows accommodation establishments in Baguio to accept guest for leisure purposes.

Update: Baguio City will reopen for tourists

For LISTT Residents

Residents of La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba and Tublay shall be allowed entry following the advisories and procedures set by their respective Municipalities / LGU.

Permitted Industries and Activities

Work in Government

Work in Government may be at full operational capacity but heads of office are encouraged to adopt alternative work arrangements.

Permitted industries

All industries permitted during the Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) may continue to operate as long as they adjust their operating and accommodation capacity to fully and properly implement health protocols. They should also strictly adhere to the rules and regulations set by the Department of Health, Department of Labor and the Department of Trade and Industry.

Industries with limited operational capacity

a. Restaurants, Cafes, Eateries, canteens and fast-food establishments shall have a maximum of 50% seating capacity at any given time.

b. Gyms, Fitness centers, salons, spas and personal care establishments shall have 50% of the premises capacity at any given time.

c. Internet Cafes, amusement and game arcades, bowling alleys, e-gaming and bingo outlets shall have a maximum of 50% accomodation capacity.

d. Museums, cultural centers, libraries, archives and other tourist and leisure attractions shall have a maximum of 50% of accommodation capacity.

Public and Private Constructions

Public and private constructions shall be allowed as long as they strictly adhere to the construction safety guidelines by the Department of Public Works and Highways for implementation of infrastructure projects.

Bars and Night Clubs

Bars, Night Clubs and other Establishments with primary business in the sale and service of liquor and other alcoholic beverages SHALL NOT BE ALLOWED to Operate.

Kids Amusement Industries

Kids Amusement industries shall NOT BE ALLOWED TO OPERATE.


Indoor and Outdoor non-contact sports and other forms of physical fitness and exercise shall be allowed, provided that the minimum public health standards are followed. Spectators in all sports and activities shall be prohibited.

For Universities / Higher Education Institutions

Face to Face classes may be conducted in Higher Education institutions PROVIDED:
a. There is strict compliance to the minimum health standards.
b. there is consultation with local government units
c. there is compliance with the guidelines set by the Commission on Higher Education.

Extracurricular activities that involve face to face interactions or physical attendance are PROHIBITED.

For K-12 Basic Education

The Basic education learning continuity plan of the Department of Education shall be adopted.
Extracurricular activities that involve face to face interactions or physical attendance are PROHIBITED.

For Technical Vocational Education and Training

For the technical vocational education and training of the Technical Educational and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) only the following trainings and assessments may be conducted:

a. Full online/E-learning trainings
b. All training programs related to agriculture/fishery qualifications for food production and processing, domestic work, and other TVET qualifications allowed by DTI.
c. Distance Learning for TVET programs
d. E-learning component of Blended Learning for TVET Programs
e. Dual Training System, Enterprise Based training, and in-plant training in establishments allowed to operate during GCQ.
f. Virtual assessment and portfolio assessment through electronic means for certain TVET Qualifications
g. Face to Face competency assessment for domestic work, caregiver and housekeeping qualifications, ships catering and other TVET qualifications as may be allowed by DTI up to 50% assessment site capacity. Provided the following are met:
g.1 Strict compliance to the minimum public health standards
g.2 Strict compliance to the TESDA guidelines.
g.3 Consultation with the local government unit.

Gatherings for Government Agencies

Gatherings that are for the provision of critical government services or authorized humanitarian activities shall be allowed provided that the attendees shall not exceed 30% of the venue’s seating capacity and there is strict adherence to the minimum public health standards.

Social Gatherings

Social gatherings to celebrate personal or family milestones or other non-work related gatherings held in hotels, conference halls, convention venues and other similar premises shall be allowed at a maximum of 30% of the venue’s seating capacity. The said venue is to be inspected prior to the event or activity by the personnel of the City Health Services Office, approval shall be secured from the Office of the City Mayor.

Similar social gathering activities may be allowed within the residence as long as the following are observed:
a. All attendees are members of the immediate family.
b. Prior notice is given to Barangay Officials
c. Attendees shall not exceed 10 persons at any given time.

Religious Services

Religious services and gatherings shall be allowed at a maximum of 30% of the venue’s seating capacity, provided that there is no objection from the local government unit where the services or gatherings are conducted

Gatherings for Necrological Services, Wakes and funeral

For those who died of causes other than COVID-19, shall be allowed to conduct necrological services, wakes or funeral provided the number of attendees do not exceed 30% of the venue capacity. Minimum public health standards shall be strictly observed for the duration of the activity.

Visits to memorial parks, cemeteries and columbaria shall be limited to not more than 10 persons per group and not exceeding 30% of the venue capacity.

Transportation Guidelines

Refer to the transportation guidelines for the month of April 2021 here.

Source: PIO-Baguio

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