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Casa Vallejo at 110: A Celebration of Culture, History and Tradition

Casa Vallejo is celebrating its 110th Year Anniversary today, July 2, 2019. And in line with this and the Heritage Month in the Philippines which is June, the hotel launched an exhibit entitled, “110: A Celebration of Culture, History and Tradition.”

Casa Vallejo | 110: A Celebration of Culture, History and Tradition

some of the photographers who sent entries for the exhibit
Mary Joy Bernal and her photo entry
Martin Shan Cheung and his photo entries
Reynald Bunzo and his photo entries
Ramon Esmabe and his photo entry

Casa Vallejo’s exhibit aims to promote awareness and deep regard for Filipino culture and history especially of Baguio City and the hotel itself.

Visitors were able to see and appreciate how Baguio City and the hotel evolved through the old photos in the exhibit. Aside from this, photos of the city – its people, culture and tradition, taken by photographers from different places, were also displayed.

Moreover, the hotel management also gave attendees a tour around their facilities after the program regarding the event launch.

The exhibit is open to the public for FREE for the entire duration of the month of July.

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