Ben&Ben to hold Online Benefit Concert for ‘Balik Eskwela’ Project this Sunday

This coming Sunday, October 4, 2020, Ben&Ben will hold an online benefit concert to support vulnerable communities affected by the pandemic through Balik Eskwela: Puhon Part 2.

The band will perform their massive hits for a one-hour live show on Sunday, 5:00 PM onwards, via simultaneous streams on their official Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

Balik Eskwela: Puhon Part 2

The Balik Eskwela: Puhon Part 2 project is the second fundraising initiative of Ben&Ben through their community-driven website, which aims to inspire, uplift, and boost the collective morale of all the key stakeholders of the COVID-19 response through uplifting stories, music, art, and more.

The goal of the Balik Eswela Project is to gather funds for:

  • E-learning and physical supplies that will be distributed to public schools.
  • Care packages (PPEs and vitamins) for teachers and personnel assigned for distribution of said supplies.
  • Distribution efforts with localized transport systems that will be coordinated with LGUs.

Furthermore, the Balik Eskwela: Puhon Part 2 aims to support students and teachers who are “left with limited to no ability to adapt to the changes” implemented in the Philippine education system during the pandemic.

“Ever since the end of the first Puhon, we’ve been aching to help out even more in our own little way,”

 ”And so, when we were figuring out where to help with the myriad of problems in today’s landscape, we eventually zeroed in on helping out a sector that is very close to our hearts: education.”

Ben&Ben Lead Vocalist and Guitarist Miguel Benjamin Statement 

The first Puhon gig of Ben&Ben was focused on the pandemic response relief efforts. While for the Puhon Part 2, this prioritizes assistance to the education sector. 

“We have concluded upon analysis that this is one of the areas wherein most help is needed in these times. School in the time of the pandemic is something that none of us expected, and so we will do our best to help out in this major challenge.”

-Ben&Ben Lead Vocalist and Guitarist Paolo Benjamin Statement 

In addition, in the official press release of Ben&Ben, Miguel said that this is the first time that Ben&Ben will self-produce a full-length online show during the pandemic, live from the BBTV house.

“Expect a very intimate, premium live concert experience straight from our home to yours,” Ben&Ben lead vocalist and guitarist added. 

How to be Part of Ben&Ben’s Fundraising Campaign?

To know more about how you can be part of Ben&Ben’s fundraising campaign, visit the following:

  • Check out the Ben&Ben’s official social media pages.

Source: Ben&Ben

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