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Baguio records coldest temperature this year so far.

As of 5:00 AM today, January 10, PAGASA Baguio recorded the lowest temperature of 2021 in the City so far at 10.4°C at around 6:30AM. Lowest temperature was initially reported at a low of 11°C at 5:00 AM but that dropped at around 6:30AM. Of course, the year has just begun which means there is still a possibility that temperature will still drop in the coming days. While Baguio experienced this cold temperature today it is expected that the temperature in some provinces in Benguet like Atok and Buguias will have an even more cold temperature.

Baguio City temperature drops to single-digit especially during the months of January and February. These are considered the coldest months in Baguio and it is brought about by the Northeast Monsoon. In 2017, the temperature in Baguio dropped to 7.3°C which almost matched the coldest temperature on January 9, 1971 at 7.1°C.

The coldest temperature experienced in Baguio was on January 18, 1961 at 6.3°C.

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