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Baguio City lays out Guidelines for Non-resident Workers Entering the City

Now that Baguio City is under General Community Quarantine (GCQ), there are sectors that have been allowed to resume their operations.

As such, the city government has released guidelines for incoming workers who are employed in Baguio City but reside in other provinces.

Guidelines for Non-Resident Workers Entering Baguio City

In order to be granted entry, here are the guidelines to be followed by non-resident workers who are employed in Baguio City:

  1. All incoming workers (IWs) must register online by filling-out a Health Declaration Form (HDF) at
    • Upload all of the following documents:
      • Employment ID
      • Certificate of Employment
      • Return to Work Order

Validation of Documents

CDRRMO will validate the information that you have provided and ascertain the authenticity of the documents that you have uploaded.

Going Through Checkpoints

CDRRMO will be forwarding the list of names and schedule of approved IWs to the BCPO Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and Triage Units.

At the checkpoints, PNP Officers will check if the incoming worker is on the list while the IW, in turn, will have to present the required documents to them.

Mandatory Triage

Upon arrival in Baguio City, incoming workers will undergo Triage as assigned by CDRRMO. The IW will either be (i) quarantined in a holding facility, OR (ii) home quarantined and monitored by the concerned Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams (BHERTS).

Furthermore, to ensure compliance, the IW will be escorted by BCPO going to Triage.

Guidelines for Non-Resident Construction Workers Entering Baguio City

As for incoming workers who are employed in the construction sector, here are the guidelines for entering Baguio City:

  1. Register online at
  2. Coordinate with the Baguio City Administrator’s Office at (074)  442-8920.

NOTE: [UPDATED AS OF MAY 21, 2020] For any questions regarding the procedures for incoming workers, you may call (074) 442-1901.




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