List of Baguio City Food Delivery Services


Want to eat a food of your pick but you’re too busy at the moment to go outside and buy one for yourself? Are you taking a break and would just want to relax within the comfort of your home while you get to enjoy the food that you want? If so, then have your food delivered right in your doorstep. There are many Baguio Food Delivery Services which can provide you with what you’re craving for.

Food Delivery Baguio Services

Within this list are some of the Food Delivery Baguio Services which you can choose from. The following delivery services are not arranged in particular order.

Baguio City Food Delivery: Fast Food


You can order your favorite Chowking meals through the Chowking Baguio delivery hotline: 9-88-88 and enjoy your food within the comfort of your home or your office.


Aside from ordering through Jollibee Baguio hotlines such as (074) 443-8114 for Baguio Magsaysay branch and (074) 442-8496 for Baguio Session branch, you can also place your order online using their online delivery website.


For KFC, you can also order via their website or you can call their DBP Baguio Branch hotlines: (074) 444-9328 and 0917-8637174 to be able to hassle-free skip the line and have your favorite KFC meals delivered right to your doorstep.

Krispy Kreme

Here’s one of the doughnut brands that have a delivery service here in Baguio City – Krispy Kreme. If you are ordering from the City of Pines you may directly course your order to their Baguio City contact number which:(74) 442-9999.


Order through their McDonalds hotlines – (074) 4466236 for McDonalds Baguio Bonicafio branch and (074) 4486236 for McDonalds Baguio Insular branch. If planning to order online, you may also go to their McDelivery Website.

Pancake House

The contact number that you should call to order at Pancake House Baguio Branch/es is (074)442-9999.


Here are the contact numbers of Shakey’s Baguio Branches that you can contact for orders: 0744228151/0744477777 for Shakey’s Kisad Branch, 0744242778 for Shakey’s Camp John Hay Branch, and 746197677/3005000 for Shakey’s SM City Baguio  Branch

Yellow Cab

If you’re currently in Baguio City and would like to have Yellow Cab pizzas you may order through this contact number (074)442-9999 (Session Road and Baguio Technohub branch).

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Other Baguio City Food Delivery and Errand Services

Errand  MOTO

Baguio City Food Delivery Services
Photo Source: Errand MOTO Facebook Page

Aside from food delivery, Errand  MOTO also accepts errands such as pick-up and dropping of items, buying medicines, and purchasing groceries. Since this Baguio Food Delivery service runs errands though a motorcycle.

Rates based from Errand MOTO’s Feb. 19, 2020 Facebook post

  • 85.00 Php from point to point – Baguio Area
  • 110.00 Php – La Trinidad km4- km5 Kias, Balacbac-Greenvalley-Tuba, Km3 asin, Irisan area.
  • Additional 50.00 Php for side trips

Contact details: 09169432513, 09612922238

Errand Runner Services

Baguio City Food Delivery Services
Photo Source: Errand Runner Services Facebook Page

This Food Delivery Baguio Service offers food and general merchandise delivery and errand services across La Trinidad, Benguet, Tuding, Tuba, Kias, Atok Trail, Loakan, Greenvalley, Balacbac, Asin and other locations. Errand Runner Services delivers through a motorcycle service.

Rates based from Errand Runner Services’ Feb. 25, 2020 Facebook Post

  • Errand/Delivery Fee of 95.00 Php from point A to B (1-4KM) anywhere in Baguio (It includes Errands/Deliveries worth 0-200php) One way
  • Errand/Delivery Fee starting at 120.00 Php from point A to B (5KM and up)

Contact details: 0926 243 3189, 0961 248 2217

Errandboy Baguio

Baguio City Food Delivery Services
Photo Source: Errandboy Baguio Facebook Page

This Baguio City Food Delivery Service offers the following services: Food Purchase & Delivery Service, Pick-up & Deliver (Online Buyers), Pick-up & drop-off items (Online Sellers), Bills Payment / Queuing Service, and Other General Errands. Errandboy Baguio delivers to Baguio, La Trinidad, and nearby areas.

Rates based from Errandboy Baguio’s Jan. 12, 2020 Facebook Post

  • Food Delivery from any food establishments – 100.00 Php
  • Pick-up and Deliver with the weight limit of 10Kg – 100.00 Php
  • Small Grocery/Market Service – 130.00 to 150.00 Php
  • Bills Payment/Queuing Service – 130.00 Php (1 Biller)
  • For multuple pick-ups and locations, additional 30.00 Php per location will apply

Contact details: 0921 312 5929, 0915 342 6288, (074) 665 7536

Family Food To Go

Baguio City Food Delivery Services
Photo Source: Family Food To Go Facebook Page

Family Food To Go offers the following services: food delivery service, grocery purchasing or shopping, pick-up and delivers items, bills payment service, bank deposit service, buying medicines, rice, and even LPG.

Rates based from Family Food To Go’s Nov. 2, 2019 Facebook Post

  • Their rate starts at 79.00 Php

Contact details: 09996683453, 09067034642


Baguio City Food Delivery Services
Photo Source: FOOD NINJA Facebook Page

FOOD NINJA delivers food from any restaurant you like within Baguio City. To avail of their service you may directly contact them through their Facebook page or call/text their contact number.

Rates based from FOOD NINJA’s Facebook Page General Information

  • Base delivery fee may range from 99.00 Php to 199.00 Php, depending on the distance from the point of pick-up to the delivery address.
  • Each additional stop (either extra pick-up point or delivery address) will cost an extra 50.00 Php.

Contact details: (074) 665 7360, 0917 516 5255, 0928 5555 574


As of this date FOOD NINJA temporarily ceasing their operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

foodpanda – Local Food Delivery

Baguio City Food Delivery Services
Photo Source: foodpanda – Local Food Delivery Facebook Page

With foodpanda you can easily order food online from their partner restaurants to your doorstep.   To order you may either use their website or or their foodpanda app which is free to download in Google Play and App Store.


Baguio City Food Delivery Services
Photo Source: Ingkaman Facebook Page

Ingkaman delivers food from any restaurant around Baguio City but this Baguio City Food Delivery Service provider doesn’t only deliver food but also runs errands such as buying groceries, paying bills, and item and laundry pick-up. To avail of their services, you may contact them via their contact numbers or directly message their Facebook page.

Rates based from Ingkaman’s Jan. 28, 2020 Facebook post

  • Food Delivery – 100.00 Php for 4Km radius, +50.00 Php per additional store, +20.00 Php per additonal Km
  • Market/Grocery – 135.00 Php for 4Km radius, maximum od 10 items/5Kgs
  • Errand (bills payment, pick-up) – 75.00 Php for 4Km radius, +10.00 Php for additional stall (same building), +35.00 Php per additional stall (different building)

Contact details: 09064763497 / 09973229206

Mr. and Ms. Delivery

Baguio City Food Delivery Services
Photo Source: Mr. and Ms. Delivery Facebook Page

Another one of the Baguio City Food Delivery Services is Mr. and Ms. Delivery.

Contact details: 0927 785 7377, 0999 992 7964

WowPagkain.com -Baguio

Baguio City Food Delivery Services
Photo Source: WowPagkain.com -Baguio Facebook Page

WowPagkain.com -Baguio is a Baguio City Food Delivery Service that delivers food from their partner restaurants to their customers anywhere within Baguio City and La Trinidad. You may see their partner restaurants by visiting their website.

Contact details: (074) 620-5365, 09285245370, 09564433388

Baguio City Food Delivery: Local Restaurants, Cafes, etc.

D’Gardner’s Diner

Photo Source: D’Gardner’s Diner
  • Open hours: 11AM – 8PM daily.
  • Call ahead or stop in for take-out orders. Free delivery with no minimum order to Brgy Happy Homes
  • PCDH; free delivery with Php 500 minimum order to other areas, subject to driver availability.
  • Please expect delays with delivery.
  • Contact 09478735205, 665-6945, or fb messenger.

Tea Hive

Photo Source: Tea Hive Facebook Page

Available for take-out and delivery via foodpanda.

CHAYA Baguio



Photo Source: ERSAO

K Flavors Buffet Restaurant

Photo Source: K Flavors Buffet Restaurant



Whitemoon Restaurant


Baguio City Food Delivery: Other Business Establishments

Tiong San Harrison, La Trinidad, and Campo Sioco

  • Minimum purchase – Five Hundred Pesos (500.00 Php)
  • Delivery Fee – One Hundred Pesos (100.00 Php) within Baguio and La Trinidad
  • Mode of Payment – Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • To order, simply message the number provided

These are just some of the Baguio City Food Delivery Services

Currently thinking of what food you want to be delivered to your home or to your office? Well, also think about which of the Baguio City Food Delivery Service providers you would want to take the hassle off you.

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