On the inside looking out for sunsets, silhouettes, and hope


What would you be doing at this time of the day if the pandemic didn’t happen? Would you be currently in a queue in long jeepney lines on your way home? Would you still be at your workplace finishing some paperwork, or would you be preparing for your graveyard shift? Because we knew rains and sunsets were natural occurrences that can happen any time, we took for granted the ambient beauty it brings us at the end of the day and joy of chasing it as it colors the sky with different hues. If the pandemic didn’t happen, would you have dropped everything you’re doing just to look at the sunset or feel the rain on your skin?

Unfortunately, we are currently in the middle of fighting an invisible enemy that has forced all of us to change our way of living. Quarantine has been put in place by our local government as a way of keeping us all safe, and all we can do is look out of our windows or scroll through social media to look for any sign of good news and hope. Below are some photos we have taken of sunsets, rains, and beautiful silhouettes that we could all revel at during these trying times. Scroll through the photos and who knows? There might be a delightful surprise at the end. *wink*


Watch the Sunset

Simple joys

The COVID-19 has posed a threat not only to our health but also to our way of living as we know it. May these photos remind us to find joy in the simplest of things and to not take for granted the beauty that is around us. And may we continue doing our roles in fighting this pandemic so that we may all be able to chase sunsets, dance in the rain, and get through this… as one.
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