5 Local Gifts Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Do you still remember who gave you the most memorable Valentine’s Day gift? Was it your seatmate during high school or your crush during your second year in college? Or, are you one of those who secretly gave their crush a Valentine’s Day gift? 

Valentine’s Day is annually celebrated and it’s one of the days in the year when it’s okay to be romantic and gooey to your loved ones. It’s the day when people show affection to their loved ones a little extra than they would on an ordinary day. Everyone has their way of showing love to their special ones. Some would send flowers with a love letter and others would surprise their partner with a dinner date.

Giving gifts is one way to show your love and when you buy one, make sure that it’s something unique and worth remembering. Here are locally made products in Baguio City that are perfect for Valentine’s Day that you can give as a token of love this Valentine’s Day.

Arabica Chocolate


One of the first things that we would think of as a gift for Valentine’s Day is chocolate. If you are in Baguio, you can buy Arabica Chocolates, one of the products of Dulche Chocolates. To buy some, you can check out the stores around the city that sell Dulche Chocolates.

Woven Bags


For Cordilleran inspired products like woven bags that would remind your partner of that time you went to the City of Pines, you have a lot to choose from at Easter Weaving Room. There are different designs of bags and they also sell shoes, woodcraft, jewelry, fabrics, wall decor items and many more.

Ube Jam


Good Shepherd is one of the best places in Baguio to buy pasalubong or gift and you should not miss this place if ever you were given a chance to visit Baguio City. Good Shepherd is well-known for its best-seller which is the Ube Jam. They also have Strawberry Jam, Peanut Brittle, Dragon Fruit Jam and more products. This place is perfect if you are looking for items that you can give as gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Handcrafted Necklace


Jewelries are also common gifts given during the day of love, but if you’re looking for something unique and artisan, you can opt for handcrafted ones made by MAIA Fine Creations. They also have other jewelries such as rings and bracelets. With the unique and lovely designs, the person who will receive your Valentine’s Day gift will surely love it. 

Suka Watwat


If the love of your life is also a lover of food, then perhaps he or she will appreciate this one. Suka Watwat is a gourmet vinegar made by Dadi Roi Enterprises which you can perfectly pair with your favorite chips, fruits, or use it for cooking.

Listed above are just a few of the local products that you can buy as gifts on Valentine’s Day. There are more local items to check and you can discover more of it when you tour around the city of Baguio. These local products have their uniqueness and beauty. And, to show our love and support we can help promote it by simply using these products. 

This Valentine’s Day, the best gift would still be to celebrate it with your loved ones. We should remember that Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers but also a day to celebrate love with your families and friends.

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