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Watch the Panagbenga 2019 Opening Parade (Throwback Thursday)

Watch the Panagbenga 2019 Opening Parade Here


The first of February signals the month-long celebration of the Panagbenga Festival. The air at Panagbenga park is filled with the sounds of Panagbenga as the participants prepare for the opening parade. The Baguio Flower Festival or commonly known as the Panagbenga Festival is one of the most anticipated festivals in the Philippines. Panagbenga, which is translated as the season of blooming, has a deeper meaning than just the blooming of flowers. Blooming pertains to the rise of Baguio City from the devastating 1990 killer earthquake. Indeed, the rise of Baguio is reason enough to celebrate.

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The Pandemic Hits

In 2020, the world was hit by a deadly pandemic, and the Philippines, including Baguio City, wasn’t spared. To help stop the spread of the virus, the City Government of Baguio decided to cancel Panagbenga 2020. This year, still because of the pandemic, Panagbenga 2021 was also canceled. While this may seem unfortunate, the health of the people is of paramount concern for the leadership of Baguio.

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While we await another Season Of Blooming

So while we await the day when the world finally says that the pandemic is over and life can resume to a better normal. Let us reminisce on the February festivities in Baguio City starting with the 2019 Grand Opening of the Panagbenga Festival.

We captured this video from our own vantage point being spectators of the colorful spectacle. So we hope you bear with us, as we do not have the proper equipment nor the passes (ID) that would allow us to get a better vantage point. Let’s watch and together enjoy the Panagbenga 2019 as we hope that one day we will again celebrate the season of blooming as we rise from the ashes that were brought about by the pandemic.


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