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Twitter founder sells first tweet for $2.9M

With technology, everything is possible now, well at least almost everything. That includes selling your tweet for millions of dollars, for the Twitter founder that amounted to a total of $2.9M. Of course, you have to be at the same level as Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, in order for you to fetch that amount.

Who bought the tweet?

This is of course the first time we hear that a tweet has been sold for that insane amount of money. Notwithstanding the fact that the tweet was from the founder of Twitter himself, we would think that $2.9M for a tweet is absurd. Well not for the person who bought the tweet, Sina Estavi the CEO of Bridge_Oracle a blockchain company in Malaysia. According to Estavi, this tweet will be likened to the Mona Lisa where people will realize its true value in the years to come.

The Auction

Jack Dorsey listed the tweet for sale on December 16, 2020, this is according to the platform that handled the bids called Valuables by Cent. Dorsey announced that he will be closing the bid on Twitter’s 15th anniversary. According to Valuables by Cents, Estavi was able to put in his final bid of a whopping $2,915,835.47 which was paid using the Etherium cryptocurrency of about 1630.5825601.

How is this possible?

One of the questions that you might be asking yourself is how is this sale even be possible? This mas made possible through NFT or Non-fungible token. Through NFT, it makes it possible for an individual to buy and sell digital items. NFT has been around for a while now, and most of those sold through NFT are artworks, however, the sale of the tweet, just proved that any digital content can be sold. In fact, prior to this sale, high-profile memes were also sold for a significant amount of money. Among them is the Nyan cat which fetched $580,000 and the “deal with it” sunglasses which are still under auction and the highest bid as of this writing is at 15 ETH equivalent to $25,710.45.

Predictions About NFT

The popularity of Non-fungible tokens exploded over the previous months with notable people also selling their digital artworks through this process. Most of which were bought for millions of dollars. Some would say that the sudden popularity of the NFT may bring it to become the next bubble that might send prices into a nosedive.

Going Back to Jack

After the successful sale of his first tweet, Dorsey said,  in a tweet, that he will be converting the NFT into Bitcoin and will be giving it to Give Directly Africa Response a nonprofit that allows donors to give directly to the world’s poorest. Which he actually did as seen in his series of tweets. Now we wonder how much would those tweets be worth in the future?



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