This funny tourism ad just took a jab at Meta

Do you remember Meta? That new company that was formerly known as Facebook? Not to confuse with Facebook as a product though. As you know, Meta will be focused on creating the metaverse, a digital world in which you can do things similar to the real world, it’s kind of an alternated from the real world we live in.

While the project is ambitious many also question the need for the metaverse when you can enjoy the real world. It’s not as if we are living in a post-apocalyptic world…yet.

The witty team from Inspired by Iceland has released a video promoting tourism in Iceland while taking a swipe at Meta’s metaverse. In the video the “Chief Visionary Officer”, Zack Mossbergsson explains to us why it is better to explore the real world. Mossbergsson, goes on by inviting everyone to a “revolutionary approach to connect our world without being super weird”.

Introducing the Icelandverse

This not-so-new chapter in human connectivity is called Icelandverse. Icelandverse is an Enhanced actual reality without silly looking headsets. Those are just some of the witty swipes that Inspired by Iceland took against Meta. Not to mention the fact that in Icelandverse everything is real, where you can touch, look, and feel the natural world, you can even talk to a real person.

While the video is considered to be funny with the aim of promoting tourism in Iceland. One thing is also evident, that the video asks us to become more appreciative of the real world. That instead of thinking of escaping the real world through digital means, we have to make every effort to enjoy it, today, or tomorrow or whenever, after all the Icelandverse people are really easy going. Finally, do not forget to enjoy their “new” logo.

Watch the Icelandverse here




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