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Third “Monolith” Reportedly Appeared in California; Witty “Monolith” Memes Also Surfaced

It has only been a while since talks about the mysterious appearance and disappearance of the “monoliths” in Utah and Romania circulated the internet. Some believe that aliens or extraterrestrial lifeforms have something to do with it, others see it as a mere prank, and there are also those who guessed that the mysterious structures may be a form of art. However, there’s no certainty yet what those “monoliths” signifies nor if the two strange objects are even related to each other.

The “Monolith” in California

There are those who might have expected it and there those who thought it was over, but just on Wednesday, December 2, 2020, another “monolith” was reportedly spotted. The third “monolith” was found in Pine Mountain in Atascadero, California.

According to The Atascadero News object was welded together at each corner its top and bottom even appears to be hollow. Also, this thing, unlike the one discovered in Utah, was not attached to the ground. This “monolith” is not the only one noticed to have its parts welded together, in fact Reuters reported that the one in Romania was even “badly-welded”.

Birth of “Monolith”-Inspired Memes

Alien’s doing or not, these things seem to just keep appearing and so are the memes and promotions riding its fame. Here are some of the witty contents inspired by one of this month’s most talked-about mysteries.

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Source: The Atascadero News, Mashable Asia, Insider

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