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Things To Do During Brownout in Baguio City

Brownout is inevitable especially when caused by calamities, accidents and of course, scheduled power interruptions. Nowadays, most of us rely too much on electricity for whatever we do everyday and will easily get bored without it. But during the time before the digital era, people have a lot of things to do even during ‘brownouts’ that keep them busy, productive and entertained.

Let’s try to go over some of the things they do in the old times during a power outage. In the end, we are hoping that these activities can make you forget about your gadgets for a while and be entertained especially during a long power outage:

Start reading the book you bought months or a year ago.

Ever miss the smell of a real book? It’s the perfect time to read one.

When you start reading a book, especially your favorite, you won’t even notice how fast time flies. Once you start enjoying that romance, science fiction, mystery novel or that business book that your boss gave you as a learning tool, you’d definitely get hooked and before you know it, the electricity has been restored already.

Books have always been good company at times like this. Plus, one of the greatest benefits of reading is that it keeps our brain young. So always make sure to have a book with you – maybe one of your favorites, to keep you busy or entertained during brownouts.

Work on your #fitnessgoals.

Have your #fitnessgoals been long overdue? Maybe it’s the right time to work on them when you have nothing else to do. During a power outage, you can go for a walk, jogging, or biking. Also, in Baguio, you’d be able to surround yourself with nature while doing some exercise. This will not only make you healthy but can also lower stress, lift your mood and clear your mind. But if it’s too dark or raining outside, you can do some stretching or yoga inside your house instead.

Play board games or other types of indoor games with your family/friends.

Have always been busy working? This is the perfect time to spend time with the people you care about. So gather around and take out your favorite board game or deck of cards then play for a few rounds. If you don’t have any board games like chess, monopoly or scrabble, then play more active games like charades, jack ‘n poy, pick-up sticks, Jenga, shadow puppets, or hide and seek. You can also try one of the most popular and traditional games everyone plays before which is sungka. If you haven’t heard of it, ask your parents or grandparents about this awesome game.

Share stories.

If you are with your friends or family, brownout gives you the opportunity and time to talk and share your experiences and whereabouts for the past days or months. It may even be the best time to plan your next vacation too.

One of the most exciting and fun things to do during power outages is to tell ghost stories especially at night when you are gathered and all are focused on every detail of the story. Surely, one of you will suddenly think of doing something crazy to scare everyone!

Get Crafty.

Drawing, coloring and painting are some of our pastime activities when we are kids, so why not bring out your creative side and try doing them again. But for first timers, you should also consider doing this. Who knows, this might bring out a passion in you or become your new found hobby.

Do household chores.

When was the last time you did a general cleaning? Tired of seeing your old room arrangement? It might be the perfect time to catch up or do some rearrangement of your furniture. After all, seeing your house’s new and clean state is worth all the time and effort.

Take a nap.

Done with your household chores? You deserve to take a nap. Waking up from a nap will give you the feeling of being energized and refreshed. After all, your brain and body also need a break.

Make the most out of the time you have.

It’s your chance to do the things that have been on hold for long because of your work or lack of time. If you won’t do them now, it might take you a long time again to have this chance.

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