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Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Internet Connection

One of the most frustrating things to experience is waiting- waiting for videos to load, songs to buffer, files to upload. This is time spent which you will never get back. So if you are experiencing these signs more frequently than normal, then it might be time to review your current internet connection and start looking for a broadband plan with higher internet speed.

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You get charged frequently for using too much data

If you are the kind of user who binge-watches videos from streaming apps, or the kind who plays games for leisure or for a living, there might have been times when you have not noticed that you have already exceeded your data limit. Fiber plan options with unlimited data allocation will allow you and your family to use the internet without fear of going over the limit.

Missed deadlines

A stable internet connection with a fast upload speed is crucial in beating school or work deadlines. According to Fastmetrics, a 1-gigabyte video would take approximately 24 minutes to upload if you have a 5 Mbps internet connection. Upgrading to at least 20 Mbps would cut the upload time in half, saving you time, trouble, and late submission.

You’ve entered the world of pixels

Have you ever watched something on a video streaming site, where it says that the video is in 4k resolution, but when you click the video, you are presented with something that is anything but high-res? Your internet speed might be to blame. Video streaming sites adjust the quality of your video based on the speed of your connection. According to Youtube, in order to enjoy a 4K resolution video, you would need at least 20Mbps recommended sustained speed.

Your speed slows the more people use the Wi-Fi

Because of COVID-19, more people are spending time at home. This means the Wi-Fi network is always in use. One might be attending Zoom meetings, one might be playing games, the other online activities. These can take up most of your internet connection’s bandwidth, which can lead to slow loading times, buffering, and lags. If your current internet speed is causing frustrations and problems in the household, upgrading your internet is imminent.

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When Your Connection Hinders Real Connection

In the height of the pandemic, connecting to people online has become a need. May it be for online school, meetings, attending events, or just celebrating milestones with loved ones, online audio and video conference calls have been everyone’s “new normal” means of communication. If your internet connection is unstable and does not allow you to fully connect with your social circle, then it might be time for an upgrade.

If you have experienced at least two of these signs, then it might be high time to invest in high-speed internet. The best internet connection is the one that allows you and your family to do the things you love in the fastest way possible. Enjoy unlimited internet data, unlimited calls to entertainment subscription at your preference with Globe at Home Plans. If you are a Globe Mobile Postpaid user or a non-Globe internet user, you can get 50% off for the first 6 months of your Globe At Home Plan. Visit and a sales representative will find the ideal connection for you and your family.

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