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Potential COVID-19 Vaccine Already on Trial

Many COVID-19 advisories and guidelines, COVID-19 infected tracking, and sadly, even COVID-19 death tolls news have been circulating on the internet and TV networks within these past few days, but what you might have missed is the few good news that came along. One of these good news is the progress one of the potential COVID-19 vaccines is currently going through.

A photo from AP Photo/Ted S. Warren. This is a photo of the Potential COVID-19 Vaccine being injected to a volunteer.
Photo Source: AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

The First Human Clinical Trial of a Potential COVID-19 Vaccine

The first human clinical trial of one of the potential COVID-19 vaccines has been administered just this Monday. This potential COVID-19 vaccine was made by the National Institute of Health and the private biotech company Moderna Inc.

The Human Clinical Trial Volunteers

Out of the forty-five (45) expected volunteers, there are already four (4) who have already received their first two shots of the vaccine. All of the volunteers were screened healthy by the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute.

According to the article by AP News, the National Institute of Health researchers and the Massachusetts-based biotechnology company Moderna Inc. incased the virus’ “messenger RNA” into the potential vaccine instead of the virus itself, thus there’s no chance the volunteers could get infected by the COVID-19 because of the shots.

When will the potential vaccine be available to the mass?

Currently, since it is still being tested, this potential COVID-19 vaccine still won’t be available to the public. According to Dr. Anthony Fauci of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, in order to determine if this vaccine is safe and effective, it won’t be available for the general public for at least a year to 18 months.

This may be the first potential COVID-19 vaccine that has already gone through a human clinical trial, but there are still other vaccines being developed and a lot of research groups all over the world are still racing to create the COVID-19 vaccine. Before any of these potential vaccines reach the general public, these will still undergo trials and tests just so the researchers could be sure that these are truly effective, and most of all, safe.

Information Source: AP News

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