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#MessengerDown? Facebook Messenger Experiences Widespread Outages

On the evening of July 7, 2023, Facebook Messenger, a popular messaging platform with over a billion users worldwide, began experiencing widespread outages, leaving users unable to send photos and videos. The technical problems started around 6:11 pm and have only escalated since then, according to user reports and the website, a site that tracks and reports various types of service outages, recorded 364 instances of outages at 6:11 pm. By 7:48 pm, the site noted an alarming surge in complaints from the Philippines, reaching a total of 531 reported instances, indicating a significant escalation of the problem in just an hour.

Users from the United States have also experienced the outage, with 209 reports as of 7:198 PM.

Numerous users turned to alternative social media platforms, notably Twitter and Facebook, to voice their complaints and confirm the nature of the outages. A common thread among these reports was the inability to send photos and videos, suggesting a specific problem with the platform’s multimedia messaging functionality.

At this time, it remains unclear what has caused the Messenger disruption.

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