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Mayor Magalong Inspects Irisan Composting Facility

Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong made a visit to the Irisan Composting Facility to check developments in the area.

Assessment of the Irisan Composting Facility

Mayor Magalong, Rene Ronquillo Rene Ronquillo of Rap-port Innovations and General Services Officer Eugene Buyucan discussing Irisan Dumpsite plans.

Mayor Magalong has conducted the inspection to check the progress of improving the facility and its conversion into an eco-park. He discussed the plans for the dumpsite with Rene Ronquillo of Rap-port Innovations and General Services Officer Eugene Buyucan.

Conversion of Irisan Dumpsite to Eco-park

According to Baguio City Administrator Boni Dela Pena, they will be studying the plans submitted by the city engineering office first before giving their feedback.

The plans for the facility’s conversion to an eco-park include provisions for the following:

  • “dap-ay” for gatherings and talks
  • children’s park
  • food hubs
  • a nursery for herbs and ornamental plants
  • landscapes
  • view deck

Moreover, Dela Pena said that the park will maintain the facility for composting through the use of the Environmental Recycling System (ERS) machines.

High Grade Fertilizer

Aside from discussing plans for the Irisan eco-park, the mayor, together with Buyucan, also checked on the development in processing biodegradable waste through the ERS machines. He has also overseen the operation of the said equipment which convert biodegradable waste into useful high grade fertilizer.

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