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Kimchi Factory soon to rise in Benguet

Kimchi, one of the famous and favorite international dishes, may soon be produced on large scale at La Trinidad, Benguet.

According to Municipal Mayor Romeo Salda, a group of South Korean investors was looking for 3,000 hectares of land that will be suitable for the proposed Kimchi factory. However, the area has been reduced since they were not able to find land with such size.

He also said that aside from looking for suitable land, another reason why the investors can’t immediately complete the factory are the tedious bureaucratic processes of concerned government agencies and the local government.

Hence, the municipal government is trying their best to provide assitance to the investors in order to find a suitable location to realize the plan which will help improve the locality’s economy.

Once the Kimchi factory is up, a lot of local farmers will benefit because producing the dish will require vegetables including Chinese cabbage, radish and other vegetables that are being grown not only in La Trinidad but also in different Benguet municipalities.

Aside from helping vegetable farmers, Mayor Salda also said that the kimchi factory will help improve the lives of those qualified local residents who will be employed and their families.

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