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How to Verify Your GCash Account Step-by-Step

Learn how to verify your GCash account and know what benefits you will get by fully verifying your account.

Mobile wallet apps such as GCash could be pretty handy especially during times like this when the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is still ongoing. Reliable apps like GCash will let you make cashless transactions and even let you pay your bills while staying within the comfort of your home.

But for those who have already tried and registered in the app, know that GCash can be so much more than just a tool for paying bills, buying load, and paying via a QR code. With a fully verified account, you will be able to unlock several other features that you might also find very useful.

Features of a Fully Verified GCash Account

Once you register with GCash, you will be able to unlock its basic features such as Offline Cash-in, Pay Bills, Buy Load, AMEX Virtual Pay, and Pay QR. While a fully verified GCash account will give you access to all features and services GCash has to offer.

The following are all the features you will be able to access with a fully verified GCash Account:

Other the the abovementioned features, a fully verified GCash account also has an added layer of security that makes it sure that only you can access and make transaction using your GCash wallet.

Furthermore, it will allow you to get more things done by giving you higher transaction limits.

How to Verify Your GCash Account

According to GCash, it may only take you more or less thirty (30) minutes to safeguard your account. And you can do it by following these simple steps:

STEP 1: Login to Your GCash Account

Open the GCash app on your mobile device, then log in to your account by entering your MPIN.

STEP 2: Tap Verify Now

Once logged in, go to the menu and tap Verify Now. The menu is the three horizontal lines located at the upper left portion of your screen., while the Verify Now icon is located just below your profile picture.

STEP 3: Select Get Fully Verified

On the Get Verified page, tap the blue icon that reads GET FULLY VERIFIED. You can find this icon at the bottom of your screen.

STEP 4: Choose a Valid ID

After that, you will be asked to choose a valid ID. Make sure that the ID you will choose is with you and is not expired. You may use any of the recommended IDs such as UMID, Driver’s License, Passport, Philhealth Card, SSS ID, or Voter’s ID.

If you don’t have any of the suggested IDs, tap See more available ID at the bottom most of your screen.

STEP 5: Take a Photo of your ID

Take a clear photo of the valid ID you have chosen. The photo must not have glare and must not be blurry. If you aren’t satisfied with the previous shot you have taken, you can retake it again. But once you are satisfied and that it is clear enough, tap the SUBMIT icon.

STEP 6: Snap a Selfie

The next step is to take a quick selfie. Just like the photo of your ID, the selfie must not be blurry.

STEP 7: Fill in Information

Provide the necessary information by completely filling up the form.

STEP 8: Review Information

Last but not the least, review the information you have provided. Make sure all the details you entered are complete and correct.

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