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How to Get a Police Clearance in Baguio City

If you’re living in Baguio City and need to obtain a police clearance for any reason, it’s important to know the steps involved. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to get a police clearance in Baguio City, including the steps for both local and national clearances.

Step 1: Determine the Type of Police Clearance You Need

Before starting the application process, it’s important to know the type of police clearance you need. Baguio City offers two types of police clearances: local and national. The local police clearance is valid for employment and other local transactions, while the national police clearance is for those who require it for travel, immigration, or visa purposes.

Step 2: Prepare the Necessary Requirements

Once you’ve determined the type of police clearance you need, you can start preparing the necessary requirements. For both local and national police clearances, you will be required to present two valid IDs, which must be original, not expired, and with a clear photo and signature of the applicant. The IDs must also bear the full name of the applicant. You can present any of the following IDs:

  • AFP ID: Armed Forces of the Philippines Identification
  • Alien Certificate of Registration: This refers to the official document that the Bureau of Immigration issues to a foreigner living in the Philippines. It is also known as an ACR I-Card.
  • BFP ID: Bureau of Fire Protection Identification
  • BJMP ID: Bureau of Jail Management and Penology Identification
  • Birth Certificate: This is a document that shows a person’s birth information, such as their date and place of birth, parents’ names, and other relevant details.
  • GSIS: Government Service Insurance System
  • UMID: Unified Multi-Purpose Identification
  • IBP ID: Integrated Bar of the Philippines Identification
  • LTO Driver’s License: Land Transportation Office Driver’s License
  • PCG ID
  • PNP ID
  • PNP LTOPF ID: License to Own and Possess Firearms Identification
  • PNP Firearm License
  • PNP Permit to Carry Firearms Outside Residence (PTCFOR)
  • Philhealth ID
  • Philippine Identification (PhilID)
  • Postal ID (Issued November 2016 onwards)
  • PRC License/ID
  • PWD ID
  • Seafarer’s Record Book (SRB) (Issued February 2020 onwards)
  • School ID with Registration Form
  • Senior Citizen’s ID
  • TIN ID
  • Valid or Latest Passport
  • For applicant overseas, Residence Card
  • For minor applicant, School ID or Certificate of Enrollment


  • If you have only one valid ID, you can present it together with a certified true copy of your birth certificate with the original official receipt.
  • If no valid ID is available, you can present Barangay Residency Certification.
  • You’ll also need to provide two recent 2×2 ID photos with a white background.

How to get Police Clearance in Baguio City

Local Police Clearance

Step 1: Acquire a Cedula and Police Clearance Official Receipt at Baguio City Hall One-Stop-Shop

For local police clearance, the first step is to acquire a cedula and police clearance official receipt at Baguio City Hall One-Stop-Shop.

Step 2: Proceed to BCPO-Head Quarter’s Record Section (5 mins.)

After acquiring the cedula and official receipt, head over to the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) Headquarters’ Record Section, which is just a 5-minute walk from the One-Stop-Shop.

Address: Abanao Street – Kayang extension, Baguio City

Step 3: Desk Officers Provide Client with Police Clearance Form

Once you arrive at the Record Section, desk officers will provide you with a Police Clearance Form to fill out.

Step 4: Submit Police Clearance Form to Clearance PNCO (Records Section) (5 mins.)

After completing the form, submit it to the Clearance PNCO (Records Section). This process takes about 5 minutes.

Step 5: Attach Cedula and Official Receipt

Be sure to attach the cedula and official receipt to your form before submission.

Step 6: Processing of Clearance (15 mins.) – Verification of Clients with Hit Records

The processing of clearance takes approximately 15 minutes. This includes verifying clients with hit records.

Step 7: Releasing of Clearance (10 mins.)

Once the verification is complete, the clearance will be released within 10 minutes.

Step 8: Verified Clients with No Record will be Released

Clients with no records will be immediately released once their clearance is processed and verified.

Step 9: Clients with Hit/Records Will be Subject to Further Verification Before Releasing

Clients with hit/records will be subject to further verification before their clearance is released.

National Police Clearance

Step 1: Go to NPCS Website (

To obtain a national police clearance, go to the National Police Clearance System (NPCS) website and register for an account. Check the Terms and Conditions before proceeding to create an account.

Step 2: Register for an Account

Register for an account by filling out the required information.

Step 3: Log in to the NPCS Portal

After registering, log in to the NPCS Portal.

Step 4: Complete the Application Information

Fill out the application information completely.

Step 5: Set an Appointment

Set an appointment for photo and fingerprint capture at the BCPO Headquarters’ Record Section.

Step 6: Select the Payment Option

Select the payment option that works best for you.

Step 7: Go to the BCPO-HQ Record Section for Photo and Fingerprint Capture

On the day of your appointment, go to the BCPO Headquarters’ Record Section for photo and fingerprint capture. You’ll be required to present two valid IDs, which must not be expired, must be original and not photocopied, and must bear your full name, clear photo, and signature.

Validity of Police Clearance

The national police clearance is valid for six (6) months.

In conclusion, obtaining a police clearance is an important step in ensuring your safety and security. Whether it’s for local or national purposes, following the necessary steps to obtain your police clearance in Baguio City can be a straightforward and efficient process. Remember to bring the necessary valid IDs and documents and make sure they meet the requirements stated. By following these steps, you can obtain your police clearance with ease and peace of mind.



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