HK Scientists Create Coating that Protect Surfaces against Viruses for 90 Days

A group of scientists at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) have developed a coating that serves as a surface’s protection against bacteria, viruses, and even hard-to-kill spores.

MAP-1 in the fight against COVID-19

According to the report posted on HKUST’s official website:

The Multilevel Antimicrobial Polymer (MAP-1) coating ‘can kill up to 99.9 percent of highly-infectious viruses such as measles, mumps, and rubella, and 99.99 percent of the surrogate feline calicivirus (FCV) – a gold standard for disinfection efficiency and is more resistant than coronaviruses such as the one responsible for COVID-19 epidemic.’

Prof. Yeung King Lun of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and the Division of Environment and Sustainability at HKUST led the team who developed MAP-1 coating.

MAP-1’s effectivity tested

  1. During two field studies in the Kowloon Hospital and Haven of Hope Woo Ping Care and Attention Home, it was confirmed that the MAP-1 coating is effective against drug-resistant microorganisms.
    • The coating was used in hospital privacy curtains which resulted in over 98.7% reduction in drug-resistant bacteria in 3 weeks.

“Thanks to the long-term support of our industrial partner Chiaphua Industries Ltd, our team is able to develop MAP-1 as a potent solution for infection control. We ran a seven-months field trial of the coating on privacy partition curtains in a local public hospital and six months study on bed linens in an elderly home, and the results is very encouraging, with the total amount of bacteria reduced by over 99% and 95.8% on the curtains and ben linens respectively.”

– Prof. Yeung King Lun

Surface Protection of up to 90 Days

According to the report, MAP-1 coating can protect and disinfect surfaces from bacteria or viruses for up to 90 days.

Non-toxicity of MAP-1

On the other hand, the National Health Commission in Mainland China has issued MAP-1 the Technical Standard for Disinfection proving its non-toxicity and safety towards the environment.

With this, the coating may be as a material in making the following:

  • clothing and surgical masks
  • filter materials for air and water purification
  • hand sanitizers
  • paints and coating

HKUST’s efforts in the fight against COVID-19

To help fight COVID-19, HKUST and its industrial partner Chiaphua Industries Limited (CIL) have applied MAP-1 coating on daycare centers, kindergartens, schools, school buses, elderly homes, shopping malls and more.

As we wait for developments on this helpful product, may we continue to practice proper hygiene, handwashing other measures to protect ourselves and lessen the risks of being infected with COVID-19. Moreover, don’t forget to keep yourselves informed on updates on global status in the fight against this dreaded disease.


SOURCE: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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