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GCQ Guidelines and Requirements for Construction Companies in Baguio City

GCQ Guidelines and Requirements for Construction Companies in Baguio City

As the General Community Quarantine Transition Plan of the City of Baguio has been released together with Executive Order No. 89 Series of 2020, guidelines have also been laid out for implementation by sectors that will be allowed under GCQ.

Included in these guidelines are those for the construction sector in the city.

Construction Guidelines During GCQ

As per E.O. No. 89 Series of 2020, below are the protocols and COVID-19 safety measures to be strictly implemented by the construction sector during GCQ in Baguio City.

  1. Strict implementation of construction safety and health program.
  2. Construction workers should NOT be allowed to leave the site during the duration and implementation of the project while GCQ is in effect.
  3. Maintain physical distance within the project sites, bunkhouses, and while onboard the motor service vehicles and delivery vehicles.
  4. Mandatory wearing of face masks and construction personal protective equipment (PPEs) at all times.
  5. Strict implementation of personal hygiene such as proper washing of hands and use of sanitizing liquids.
  6. It is strictly forbidden for employees/workers to share personal hygiene products, plates, cutleries and drinking glasses, and other utensils and personal effects.
  7. The disinfection program should be conducted during the ingress of equipment, service vehicles, and delivery vehicles.
  8. Temperature scanning of personnel should be conducted.
  9. Confirmed, probable, suspect, and possible COVID-19 infected workers should be brought to the temporary isolation medical area located on-site.
  10. Assign a dedicated staff to monitor the employees’ health conditions, implementation of the enhanced community quarantine policies and guidelines, and weekly reporting/coordination with the Department of Health (DOH) and Local Government Unit (LGU).
  11. Curfew hours implemented by the LGU should be strictly followed.
  12. Employees/workers residing in Baguio City shall be allowed to work immediately.
  13. Workers coming from outside the City of Baguio shall observe 14-day quarantine before allowing entry to the city and to the project site. Quarantine facilities shall be provided by the contractor.
  14. Representatives from the LGU and DOH shall conduct an inspection of the project sites, bunkhouses, and other facilities prior to resumption and mobilization of work.

Note: The requirements and guidelines apply to both public and private construction projects that are critical and essential (i.e., sewerage, water services facilities, digital works, health facilities, quarantine and isolation facilities, flood controls, and other disaster risk reduction and rehabilitation works) and priority (i.e., food, production, agriculture, energy, housing, communication, water utilities, manufacturing, and BPO).

Requirements for Construction During GCQ

  1. Letter of request stating the following:
    1. Project title and location
    2. Reason/s for the resumption of work
  2. Letter of request for a travel permit. Indicate the following:
    1. Names of Authorized Person/s Outside Residence (APOR)
    2. Designation of APOR
    3. Plate number, make and color of the vehicle to be used by APOR
  3. Program of work and duration
  4. List of manpower (names and designations)
  5. Medical certificates of all personnel indicating that they are “fit to work”
  6. Site development plan showing the location of on-site bunkhouse/s or off-site bunkhouse/s, washing and bathing facilities, disinfection facilities, temporary isolation medical area.
  7. Floor plan of the on-site or off-site bunkhouse/s.
  8. Protocols of construction safety and health safety. Health Safety measures should address COVID-19.

The request letter must still be addressed to Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong through City Administrator Bonifacio Dela Peña. Here is Engr. Bonifacio Dela Peña’s contact details, provided by the PIO Baguio, should there be more questions: 442-5497 or 09175065570.

Earlier this month, guidelines to be followed by the construction sector during ECQ has been released by the city, showing that most of the protocols have been retained even now that Baguio City has transitioned to GCQ.



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