These Food and Travel Vloggers Collaborated to Spice Up Quarantine


What Do Travel and Food Vloggers Do During Pandemic

Apparently, food and travel vloggers cannot go out to shoot their usual food and travel videos while the COVID-19 pandemic is still all over the globe. So what do travel and food vloggers do during a pandemic? 

Ah, well, they don’t easily run out of both entertaining and informative surprises. At least not the three (3) most followed food and travel vloggers on YouTube. These three saw an opportunity amid what the world is going through at the moment and they totally grasped it.

Sonny, Mark, and Trevor

Three of the most well-known food and travel vloggers on YouTube – Sonny Side of the Best Ever Food Review Show, Trevor James of The Food Ranger, and of course the man who made “Yummy Face” a thing, Mark Wiens, made an awesome collaboration to bring us the spice that we need during the pandemic.

What is this spice-filled surprise, you ask? It’s no other than the Fire Noodle Challenge or also known as the Samyang Spicy Noodle Challenge – the Korean noodle challenge which has already brought many takers to tears since it became popular a few years ago.

What Do Travel and Food Vloggers Do During Pandemic: A Screenshot from the Best Ever Food Review Show

Photo Source: Sonny Side, the Best Ever Food Review Show, Fire Noodle Challenge

You’ve probably already heard of this challenge before or have even tried it already with your friends, but that doesn’t make this challenge anything less than a must-watch since it’s the top food reviewers on YouTube who are taking on the heat. Plus, spoiler alert, these three have given spicy noodles some “additional” touch.

Since Sonny, Mark, and Trevor are in areas that are in some level of lockdown when they went through the challenge, as you may have guessed already, they took the challenge a screen away from each other. Sonny being in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Mark in Bangkok, Thailand; and Trevor in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Getting Ready for battle

As earlier said in this article, the challenge is not an easy feat to conquer, or else it would not be called such. Like any other battle, one has to prepare and with Sonny, who only has humor and the almighty mute button as his superpowers (watch the video to find out what we mean) and is stacked up against two food vloggers who take the pain of eating the spiciest of food a pleasure, preparations are a must.

The three went on a mission to find the spiciest local street food and dishes they can access amidst the lockdown to prep their mouths and guts for the boss battle that is about to come. Lucky for them, they are currently living in countries rich in spices and cuisine that will make you crave for something spicy ASAP. After a variety of local chips, curries, Malaysian sambals, and tons of chilies handpicked on the backyard, the three are prepped for a video conferencing battle.

As if the fire noodles weren’t spicy enough, they each had a few tricks up their sleeves to take the challenge up a notch. Mark Weins adding Thai aromatics such as galangal and lemongrass, with prawns on the side. Trevor added a Malaysian touch by mixing in egg, ikan bilis or Malaysian-style fried anchovy, and fried garlic for additional textures and flavors. Sonny cooked the noods according to the packet with epic background music and sesame, seaweeds (included in the packet), and whipped cream (not included in the packet) on top.

Watch the Fire Noodle Challenge

We know or at least some of us know that two of these top food reviewers, Mark and Trevor, have a high spice tolerance, while our Best Ever Food Review Show storyteller, Sonny,  well, is not a fan of scorching hot delicacy. Will they all be able to finish the challenge? Too much spoilers will just take the fun out of their videos so better see them for yourself from here.

See the challenge crop up before your eyes in not just one, but in three different perspectives on the Best Ever Food Review Show, The Food Ranger, and Mark Wiens YouTube Channels.

Best Ever Food Review Show

The Food Ranger

Mark Weins


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