[UPDATED] Enhanced Community Quarantine Advisory on Transportation in Baguio City

As the Enhanced Community Quarantine throughout the entire Luzon becomes in effect starting today, public transport, as stated in the guidelines, has been suspended for the duration of the ECQ. This has posed many questions for those who need public transportation to report to work and buy basic necessities and those who need to go home to their respective provinces.

In line with this, the city government has released additional advisories regarding public transportation and entry/exit to the City of Pines during the effectivity of the ECQ.

UPDATED AS OF March 25, 2020

Public Transportation

Private companies and establishments are encouraged to negotiate with transport providers/shuttle/ Taxi Operators/Drivers to ferry their workers from their respective residences or pick-up points going to their workplace.

Taxi hotline: 0920 902 6829

Government offices and agencies are encouraged to shuttle their workers from pick-up points to their workplace.

Registration at the Barangay for Public Transportation

The following are required to register at the barangay for monitoring:

  • residents who will avail of the public transport services DO NOT NEED travel permits but have to register at the barangay for monitoring.
  • residents who will walk going to their destination only for essential purposes in the city

Other reminders for Public transport Services

  • As much as possible, only one (1) person per household should occupy the taxi and PUJs must only be half-filled so that passengers observe social distancing. There should be NO FEES for the registration of Barangay Permit.
  • Barangay officials must have a record of the transport unit, passengers and their corresponding routes and purposes which should strictly be essential. Barangay passage and travel notification form will be filled out for this purpose.

Transportation Scheme for Lower Quirino Hill Barangay Only

Effective 1 PM March 18, 2020

Source: Lower Quirino Hill Barangay Facebook Page

You can find the contact numbers for your respective barangay here.

Medical Emergencies

Update as of March 25, 2020 [8:35 AM]

A special taxi service was also established to cater to those needing emergency medical care. Taxi units are placed on call to address this need and they should strictly adhere to the policy of ferrying only those on medical emergencies or needing emergency medical checkups. Special Permits were also issued for this purpose.

For medical emergencies, you can call the Emergency Hotline at:

0923 620 7038

Note: Other taxi companies willing to be on call for medical emergencies can coordinate with Chief Traffic

Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU): 422-9953

Number Coding

Update as of April 20, 2020

The number coding scheme in Baguio City has been TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED for the duration of the enhanced community quarantine.

It has been suspended to allow residents whose assigned market day coincides with their vehicle’s number coding restrictions to use their own cars when going out to buy essentials.

Private Transportation

UPDATED AS OF March 20, 2020 [2:27 PM]

Private Vehicles

Travel Permit

Residents who will travel via private vehicles or motorcycles to buy groceries or medicines or go out for medical check-ups, for laundry, or for financial transactions at banks are required to get travel permits from the barangay.

The following who will use private vehicles DO NOT need to secure travel permits:

  • Persons working in the following essential establishments:
    • public markets, supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores,
    • hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies and drug stores
    • food preparation and delivery services
    • water-refilling stations,
    • hardware stores, laundry services
    • manufacturing and processing plants of basic food products and medicines
    • banks, money transfer services
    • power, energy, water, and telecommunication
  • BPO workers
  • Uniformed and government employees who are on duty
  • Utility company workers WITHIN THE CITY

There is NO RESTRICTION OR LIMIT on the number of passengers for private vehicles. Passengers should also strictly observe social distancing.



Update as of March 19, 2020 [11:37 AM]

Motorcycles are allowed to be used as a means of transportation going to work or buy necessities. However, the city government will NO LONGER ALLOW ANGKAS to strictly implementation social distancing and also because of reports about some riders who collect fees from their ‘angkas’ or passengers.

They will still be allowed as means of transportation during emergencies, for food deliveries, workers under the foodservice industry, and food manufacturing, health and uniformed personnel, utilities and BPO workers.

Owners of Taxi Units

You can use your taxi vehicles strictly for “hatid-sundo” of acquaintances going to work, buy necessities, or to the hospital only It is necessary to place a “SERVICE” signage according to the BCPO. BAWAL MAGPASADA.

Vehicles of Utility Companies ( BAWADI, BENECO, PLDT )

Vehicles of Utility companies ( BAWADI, BENECO, PLDT) shall have freedom of movement within the city WITHOUT THE NEED for a Special Permit.

Travel within the City

Update as of April 14, 2020 [9:21 AM]

Special Permit from the BCPO 

PUVs used as ferry services for travel within the city for ESSENTIAL purposes, including those that carry people from other places working in Baguio City, need to secure a special permit from the Office of the CD, Baguio City Police Office – Main.

Special Permit from the Mayor’s Office

For private vehicles used to ferry employees, a special permit must be secured from the Mayor’s Office.

Entry/Exit in Baguio

The following will be allowed to enter and exit the City of Baguio.

For vehicles that will transport essentials such as:

  • those who will ferry employees to work
  • food
  • groceries
  • medical supplies
  • agricultural products (including animal food and implements)
  • LPG and petroleum products
  • utilities

Movement of Essential goods and services shall at all times remain unhampered. subject to the observance of strict sanitation methods and practices. There is no need for them to fill out Health Declaration Forms, they shall just be subjected to Thermal Scanning.

UPDATE March 20, 2020

Guidelines for Cargo Trucks


  1. For passing through cargo vehicles, drivers should not be made to go down or be replaced.
  2. Driver and Helper can stay in the vehicle during the unloading of cargoes.
  3. Cargo vehicles may be randomly checked at our Quarantine Control Points to ensure that there are no unauthorized persons contained therein.
    • shall be done in a brisk manner to avoid delay of the travel of the said vehicles.

UPDATE March 19, 2020

Special Transport Service vehicles from LISTT

Special Transport Service vehicles from La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba And Tublay have been given special dispensation from the City Mayor to make trips to the city for the provision of essential goods and services. Such transport services must be marked by tarpaulins or banners with their respective mayor’s signature and all occupants should observe social distancing and wearing of masks.

Those in violation shall be refused entry.

Government-marked vehicles from local governments of LISTT shall be allowed to counterflow to avoid the Queue at our checkpoints but occupants shall still be subjected to Thermal scan

Inbound Passengers

Update as of March 25, 2020 [9:00 AM]

All non- residents of Baguio shall not be allowed entry into the city.

For the purpose of the quarantine, residents of the LISTT (La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tublay, Tuba) shall be considered as Baguio residents.

  • Upon entry in Baguio City, the same restrictions for residents will apply to them as well.
  • For essential workers from LISTT, work IDs are needed for identification.

Persons coming into Baguio City must still pass through temperature screening and must submit a pre-filled Health Declaration Form. You can either download or fill up the Health Declaration form at http://baguio.gov.ph/

Outbound Passengers/ Parents who are looking to fetch their children from Baguio City

Update as of March 25, 2020 [9:00 AM]

For travel outside of Baguio and LISTT (La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tublay, Tuba), outbound passengers must present a HEALTH DECLARATION FORM and CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE secured from the office of the city mayor.

Requirements for Clearance Certificate:

  • List of the names of persons who will travel
  • Type of car and plate number
  • Date and purpose of travel
  • Copy of plane ticket (if applicable)

The Office of the City Mayor is OPEN DAILY, from 8AM to 5PM.

NOTE: Only the driver is required to secure a Clearance Certificate. The passengers don’t need to come.


  • Globe: 09276280798
  • Smart: 09996784335
  • (074) 442-1900
  • (074) 442-1905
  • (074) 661-1455

Note: The following advisories are subject to change according to the advisory updates that will be released by the Public Information Office- Baguio. This page will be updated according to such changes.

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  1. How to register on your hotlines? I’d been trying to register but not gave option…v

    1. Magandang Baguio, Gladilyn! Please register by calling the different COVID hotlines provided by the City government.

  2. Travelling from Ilocos Sur to Baguio in private vehicle (Baguio-resident), do i still need to register?

    1. Magandang Baguio, Jimmy! As per the latest advisory from the PIO po, only cargos ferrying essential needs and those who are fetching stranded relatives are allowed providing they acquire a special permit from the City Mayor’s Office. You can read more here: http://lakbaybaguio.com/2020/03/ecq-guidelines-in-the-city-of-baguio-as-of-march-18-2020/

  3. Sa march 27 or 28 po ba is may sasakyan pauwing Nueva Vizcaya po?

    1. Hello ma’am, as per the latest advisory, stranded non-residents have only until 8AM of March 19, 2020 to leave the city. After that ma’am hindi na po pwede pumasok or lumabas ng Baguio. Stay safe po! (http://lakbaybaguio.com/2020/03/ecq-guidelines-in-the-city-of-baguio-as-of-march-18-2020/)

  4. Hello ma’am/sir, can we travel our products to sell in baguio for us to buy our basic necessities? We are from boundry of la union and benguet.thank you.

    1. As long as you are your cargos are essentials then you need to present your documents to the checkpoint

    2. As long as you are your cargoes are essentials then you need to present your documents to the checkpoint

  5. i”m a construction worker and i’m a permanent resident of baguio since birth and my work is all around baguio and trinidad and that’s my only source of income,do i be quarantined also,

    1. Yes, regardless of employment everyone should submit to the rules of the enhanced community quarantined

  6. what if my work sa tublay, my sasakyan po ba papunta dun?what do i need to get in there.thansk

  7. pwede po bang pumasok ang bayaw ko dito susunduin po ako dto sa baguio galing sya ng rosario la union,motor po ang gamit

    1. Hello po, kindly refer to the article po ulit sa article. Under “Outbound Passengers/ Parents who are looking to fetch their children from Baguio City” andun po requirements and process sa pagkuha ng Clearance Certificate.

  8. Hi,

    Is it always required to get a Travel Permit for private cars every-time we need to buy groceries or medicine? let say we want to resupply every 3-5 days, do we need to go to the Barangay first?


    1. According to the latest directive of the Mayor of Baguio City, yes, residents of Baguio must register at their respective barangay halls.

  9. Hi – I just need clarification about this section:

    “For travel outside of Baguio, outbound passengers must present a HEALTH DECLARATION FORM and CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE secured from the office of the city mayor.

    Requirements for Clearance Certificate:

    List of the names of persons who will travel
    Type of car and plate number
    Date and purpose of travel
    Copy of plane ticket (if applicable)
    The Office of the City Mayor is OPEN DAILY, from 8AM to 5PM.

    NOTE: Only the driver is required to secure a Clearance Certificate. The passengers don’t need to come.”

    1. Just wanted to be sure, is the office of the City Mayor open even on weekends?

    2. Can the passenger secure the clearance certificate on behalf of the driver?

    Thank you.

    1. Hello,

      for your first question yes the city mayors office is open from 8am to 5pm all day of the week.
      as for your second question it was stated that the driver should get the clearance on behalf of the passenger

  10. We are doing our best to protect ourselves from Coronavirus, can we know where to get or buy face masks as this item has no more stock left in all the shops in Baguio City. Thank you po.

  11. Pwede pa rin po bang makababa yung stranded non-residents as long as may susunod and complete yung requirements?

    1. Mas mainam po na pumunta po kayo sa city mayors office at magpalista po

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