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Due to Rampant Violations “Drop and Go” Travelers are no longer exempted

Due to the rampant violations of travelers under the “Drop and Go” category. The City Government of Baguio has announced that “Drop and Go” travelers are no longer exempted from the entry requirements to Baguio.

What is the Drop and Go travel Classification?

Under the “Drop and Go” classification the traveler (usually a driver) will bring in their passengers to the city and said traveler will leave the city on the same day.

Under the “Drop and Go” classification the traveler is afforded some privilege due to the nature of travel. One such privilege is the exemption from COVID-19 tests.

The Violations and how it was discovered

According to Atty. Althea Alberto, the Executive Assistant IV of the Mayor’s office. The violations were noted at the checkpoints. At the checkpoints, the travelers were required to surrender their ID at the checkpoints and should claim it before they exit the city. However, it was noted that a lot of those travelers who said that they are under the “Drop and Go” classification were only able to claim their IDs after two or more days.

The new guidelines for “Drop and Go” Travelers

It is because of this rampant violation, travelers under the “Drop and Go” classification will now have the same protocols/requirements as that of a “Passing Through only Travelers”.

The new guidelines for Drop and Go Travelers: 

  •  APORs (Authorized Persons Outside Residences) should present any documentary proof of travel purposes such as Employment ID, Professional ID, or Travel Order Issued by their employer.
  • Non-APORs will have to get their Travel Pass QTP by registering at


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