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Baguio City Destinations Turned Important Cultural Properties

The landmarks of a city serve as an avenue for each generation to look back and contemplate on the significant occurrences that took place in the area. Certain landmarks in Baguio City stood the test of time and became witnesses to the different happenings around it, especially during the World Wars. On November 27, 2015, the National Museum issued Resolution No. 06-15 where it classifies the Diplomat Hotel, Laperal White House, and the Peredo Lodging House as important cultural properties now under government protection. Moreover, the resolution states that “these ancestral houses and public structures are reflective of the nation’s history, enduring the elements of time and preserving the nostalgia of Filipino art and culture in the 18th century for posterity.”

Now that these landmarks are under the resolution, the government must spend for the structure’s maintenance and preservation as long as they have the permission of its private owners. In addition, all restoration plans must be submitted to the National Museum for approval. It is agreeable that the preservation and restoration of the structures will not only be an attractive asset to the city but also an important place to provide knowledge to the people and that they may be reminded of the history behind it.

The Laperal White House

The Laperal White House has starred in several Filipino movies mainly because of it being notoriously haunted. Behind its beautiful Victorian facade is a gruesome history that took place during the Japanese era. Caretakers of this house tell stories of the happenings like torture, killings, rape, and beheadings. At present, the Laperal White House is owned by the Tan Yan Kee Foundation and now houses bamboo artworks. The Laperal White House is located along Leonard Wood Road.

Peredo’s Lodging House


Photo from Peredo’s Lodging House Facebook Page (with permission)

The Peredo’s Lodging House also withstood the test of time since it luckily survived the two World Wars and the massive 7.5 magnitude earthquake in the year 1990. The lodging house is owned by Roque and Rita Peredo and their 11 children. The youngest of the children, Aurora “Petite” Peredo-Calaguas, who is now 80 years old, converted their home into a lodging house in the hopes of maintaining her family’s legacy. The Peredo’s Lodging House is located along CM Recto Street.

Diplomat Hotel


The Diplomat Hotel situated on Dominican Hill is also infamous for the creepy urban legends that surround it. The Diplomat Hotel also has a long history that is rooted from the Dominican friars and their vision to build a school in the city. Later, it was made into a retreat house but was unfortunately bombed by the Japanese. After a few years of being abandoned, it became a hotel. Today it is known as Heritage Hill and Nature Park.

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