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DepEd Cordillera Director Urges Public to Report Wrong Information About Igorots

There are faulty modules circulating on social media over the past days which are said to “malign, discriminate, and wrongly depict the Igorots.” Thus, Department of Education (DepEd)-Cordillera Regional Director Estela Cariño urges the public to report incorrect information.

DepEd Regional Director Cariño, who is an Igorot herself, said, “When a wrong concept keeps repeated, this might be accepted as the truth that is why we need to respond to it right away and for those responsible to correct it immediately.” Moreover, Cariño also calls on all education stakeholders to help in creating awareness of indigenous people.

According to the Philippine Information Agency of Cordillera (PIA Cordillera), the DepEd official added that “Cordillerans may contribute to the wrong concept and incorrect depiction of Igorots if they keep silent.”

How to Report Incorrect Information about Igorots

Send Errors to DepEd

The public can report wrong information by sending the errors on modules to the Department of Education. Indicated below are the contact details of the department as provided by the PIA Cordillera:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Text and messaging through Viber: 0961-6805334
  • Facebook messaging through the following:
    • DepEd Error Watch account
    • DepEd Tayo Cordillera page

Use #DepEdErrorWatch When Posting

Furthermore, also DepEd encourages the public to use the hashtag #depederrorwatch when posting complaints on social media platforms to help them in monitoring complaints.

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Source: PIA Cordillera, Public Information Office – City of Baguio

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