Demon Slayer 3 Crashes Crunchyroll
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Demon Slayer Shakes Up Crunchyroll: Joins the Elite Club That Crashed the Servers

Anime lovers worldwide were all set to catch the much-awaited Season 3 finale of the hit series Demon Slayer on June 18, 2023. However, as fans swarmed the Crunchyroll website to watch the latest episode, an unexpected twist unfolded: Crunchyroll’s servers couldn’t handle the rush and crashed!

Crunchyroll Servers Buckle Under Fan Frenzy

Downdetector Showing Crunchyroll Servers down

Users reported Crunchyroll to be down as shown in Downdetector data

The end of Season 3, closing out the Swordsmith Village Arc, was a striking reminder of just how much people love Demon Slayer. The moment the episode was available, fans raced to Crunchyroll, causing a traffic jam so big that the website started having hiccups. This led to a waiting game for many fans, causing a storm of grumbles on social media.

Quick Response and Further Hitches

To Crunchyroll’s credit, they quickly recognized the problem and kept fans in the loop, which the audience appreciated. But when the servers finally came back to life, there were more hitches: some users had to wait longer for the subtitles. Though these issues were sorted out after about an hour and a half, the excitement had taken a hit.

Website versus Mobile App Performance

Interestingly, it seemed that the server headaches mostly bothered those using Crunchyroll’s website, as the mobile app seemed to work fine. And it wasn’t just Demon Slayer fans who were caught in the middle of this mess. Viewers of other anime also reported being kicked off the website due to the server crash, creating more dissatisfaction with Crunchyroll’s handling of the incident.

Crunchyroll’s History of Server Crashes

This isn’t Crunchyroll’s first rodeo with such a problem. Fans have noticed similar server crashes during big events like premieres or finales of other popular anime, including Attack on Titan. Despite this, it left fans scratching their heads as to why Crunchyroll wasn’t ready for the Demon Slayer finale’s expected popularity.

Demon Slayer’s Ongoing Popularity

Server crash aside, it’s clear that Demon Slayer is a fan favorite. The series has won hearts all over the globe since it first aired, and the buzz for the upcoming Season 4, known as the “Hashira Training Arc,” is already building.

Conclusion: A Lesson for Streaming Platforms

This incident is a loud and clear message to streaming platforms that they need to be ready for the rush when major releases drop, especially when the show in question has a fanbase as big and passionate as Demon Slayer’s.

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