Christmas in Baguio 2020
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Christmas in Baguio 2020 Christmas Tree Lighting and Night Market Opening Walking Tour

How Christmas in Baguio will be spent this year has been an eight-month long-dreaded question everyone was uncertain of because of the adversities that have happened recently. Whenever December 1 comes every year, Baguio City is known to have a grand tradition welcoming the yuletide season. There’s the colorful Lantern Parade by the Saint Louis University paired with the lively cheers of the people on the streets chanting along with the students. There’s the whole stretch of Session Road lighting up with colorful decorations leading to the countdown to the lighting of the Christmas tree. Add watching fireworks that go along with the chilly Northeast Monsoon or Amihan wind that will make you feel that the yuletide season is truly here.

Christmas in Baguio 2020

Tourists and locals alike know that even though it can get a little busy in the Central Business District during December 1, you can’t help but join in the festivities the city and the private institutions have prepared for the people of Baguio.

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, these Christmas traditions have been put to a halt. Or so we thought. This year, the City Government has decided to proceed with the Grand Opening of Christmas in Baguio, but this time, some things have been altered so we can still celebrate despite the pandemic. Although the Lantern Parade became a virtual presentation, the Lighting of the Christmas Tree at the top of Session Road pushed through, along with the opening of the Night Market for the first time in eight months. (UPDATE: The City Government decided to close the night market again due to health and safety reasons.)

Watch the Christmas in Baguio 2020 Activities

Here’s how the opening of this year’s Christmas in Baguio went. We went from Malcolm Square to Session Road to see the lights. We also passed by the night market at around 10 PM so as to avoid crowds.



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