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Be Vigilant and Be Able to Recognize a Contact Tracing Scam

The Mayor’s Office of the Municipality of La Trinidad, Benguet has released a Scam Alert on Monday, October 5, 2020, describing what a “Contact Tracing Scam” looks like or how it works. This is to make the public be aware of the existence of such scam.

The Contact Tracing Scam

1. A Scammer Who Call will Say:

” According to our contact tracing, you have been in close proximity to someone who has been tested positive for COVID-19. This means you now need to self isolate and take the COVID-19 test. I cannot give you any information about the person or the whereabouts of contact due to privacy laws. But you need to be tested within the next 72 hours. So, can I get the best mailing address for you so that we can send out a testing kit?”

2. Force Payment

After you give the address, they will ask for your payment card number and details quoting that the test kit and results is Php 2,500 charge and is not free.

3. Threatening You

If you refuse to give them your bank card or your credit card details, they will threaten you, saying that there are penalties for not complying.

Mayor’s Office LT: “Be Vigilant”

The Mayor’s Office of La Trinidad encourages everyone to be vigilant and to report scams as such to La Trinidad Municipal Police Station and file a blotter or call the following LTMPS hotline number:

  • 620-2602
  • 0998 -985-7568

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Source: Mayor’s Office – La Trinidad

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