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Baguio Notre Dame Hospital Releases Guidelines for “New Normal” Consultation

Baguio Notre Dame Hospital Releases Guidelines for “New Normal” Consultation

The Notre Dame de Chartres Hospital has released guidelines for the operation of their “OPD Consultation: Embracing the New Normal.” 

Posted on Facebook yesterday, May 13, 2020, the announcement includes infection preventative measures to be observed in the hospital and the General Consultation Guidelines to be followed in private consultants’ clinics.

General Consultation Guidelines

Here is the step-by-step process to be followed under the General Consultation Guidelines for private consultants’ clinics in Notre Dame de Chartres Hospital.

1. Appointment

Set an appointment a day prior to consultation through any of the following:

Wait for a confirmation text message.

NOTE: To check the list of doctors and their clinic schedules, check the Notre Dame de Chartres Hospital website at

2. Initial Screening

On your appointment schedule, show the Triage the confirmation text sent to you.

NOTE: Only a limited number of patients are allowed per floor at a given time

3. Waiting Area

  1. If it’s not yet your scheduled time, please proceed to the waiting area in front of Pueblo de Maria Building.
  2. The secretary will call or text you once your doctor is ready to see you.
  3. To enter the building, show the secretary’s text message to the hospital guard.

4. Consultation

  • Once called or texted by the secretary, you may now proceed to your doctor for consultation.

NOTE: Please do not loiter around the hospital premises. You may go home after your consultation unless instructed for referral to another doctor or have laboratory test taken.

Instructions for Walk-In Patients

Walk-in patients have to register at the Triage and follow instructions from them.

Infection Preventative Measures

  1. Use of the main entrance only
  2. No facemask, no entry policy
  3. Implementation of social distancing
  4. Only one accompanying person for the following patients. Otherwise, only the patients can enter the clinic building.
    • Non-ambulatory
    • Elderly
    • Minors
    • PWD


SOURCE: Notre Dame de Chartres Hospital Facebook Page


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