Baguio Foodtrip Chronicles: Taxi Drivers Edition

Taxi drivers go through their regular day going around the city. And just like any other people who get tired from work and need a break, they too, look for places where they can eat good food with affordable prices.

And knowing that they have this kind of daily routine, it only makes sense that they’re much familiar with places where you can enjoy good food at a reasonable price.

So here’s a short list of places that Baguio taxi drivers  recommend if you’re looking for places to eat while you’re busy exploring the city:

Patti’s Point

This eatery, located at Chrome Street, Upper Quezon Hill, offers several viands that taxi drivers say are really good especially their Lechon Kawali – the best seller.

And what makes most of them come back is the best seller Lechon Kawali combined with unlimited rice.

But the best thing about this place is that for only PHP60.00, you can get two viands- either a combination of meat and vegetables or meat and meat plus the unlimited rice and unlimited soup. And if you go there, you’d see not only taxi drivers but also people from the neighborhood or employees from nearby businesses patiently waiting in line just to have a taste of their food.

Palaganas Bakery

When three o’clock in the afternoon strikes, you will see taxi drivers buying a variety of bread from this bakery.

The bakery was established in 1963 and has continuously developed into what it is today.

What taxi drivers usually recommend from this bakery are:

  • the famous Toasted Siopao (baked buns with meat and hard boiled egg filling) for only PHP30.00,
  •  Long Johns (doughnut like shaped in a cylinder form with cheese inside and sprinkled with sugar) for PHP11.00 per piece,
  • Buchi (rice cake made from sweet rice flour that is molded into shape with a sweet bean paste filling and sesame seed coating) for only PHP8.00 each
  • and their specialty, the Raisin Bread, which is definitely worth it for only PHP140.00.

According to them, these are all good bread that you can definitely enjoy at reasonable prices.

Raf’s Chicken MCO Meals

This eatery occupies the space beside the Military Cut-Off Barangay Hall and opens at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. So if you’re planning to eat here, be reminded that they serve people for dinner until five in the morning.

Many taxi drivers go here especially those who start their shift in the evening. And they say that this place is known as the “Prito-Prito”.

Aside from taxi drivers, you’d also see students and other people eating here for dinner.

They serve a variety of viands ranging from deep fried pork chop, deep fried tilapia, and adobong pata (pork leg with soy sauce and vinegar), and their specialty- deep fried chicken. All meals come with a huge serving of rice and free soup. And you’d get to taste their delicious meals for only PHP75.00.

Draft your budget foodtrip in Baguio

The holiday season is fast approaching and we know that many of you want to experience Christmas in Baguio. So if you’re planning to spend this special occasion with your loved ones, maybe you’d like to consider these places to help you save money without compromising a fun and memorable stay in the City of Pines.

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