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Baguio City Vaccination Schedule for Health Workers, Senior Citizens, and Persons With Co-Morbidities from May 6 and 7

The City’s vaccination drive is currently ongoing and the City Health Services Office (CHSO) has released the new schedule for the A1, A2, and A3 priority groups from May 6 and 7, 2021.

Who will be vaccinated?

The following groups will be given the vaccine during the said schedule:

  • Health workers (A1) receiving the 1st dose and 2nd dose of Sinovac vaccine
  • Persons with Co-morbidity (A3) receiving the 2nd dose of Sinovac vaccine
  • Remaining Senior Citizens (A2) with residence belonging to the Loakan District Health Center:
    • Camp 7
    • Liwanag-Loakan
    • Loakan Proper
  • Senior Citizens (A2) with residence belonging to the Atok District Health Center:
    • Atok Trail
    • Fort del Pilar
    • Apugan
  • Senior Citizens (A2) with residence belonging to the Scout Barrio District Health Center:
    • Happy Hallow
    • Hillside
    • Upper Dagsian
    • Scout Barrio
    • Lower Dagsian
    • Gabriela Silang
  • Remaining Senior Citizens receiving the 1st dose of Sinovac vaccine:
    • Loakan District
    • Aurora Hill District
    • Quirino Hill District

Important Note:

The A2 priority group includes the following:

  • Senior Citizens who completed the age of 60 at the time of vaccination and above
  • Institutionalized senior citizens, including those in registered nursing homes
  • All senior citizens, including bedridden senior citizens at home

Schedule of Vaccination

Remaining Health Workers (A1)

Receiving 1st dose and 2nd dose of Sinovac vaccine
Date: May 6, 2021
Venue: SLU Main (Gym)

Persons with Co-Morbidities (A3)

Receiving 2nd dose of Sinovac Vaccine

Date: May 6, 2021
Venue: SLU Main (Gym)

Senior Citizens (A2)

DateVaccination Venue: UB GymVaccination Venue: SLU Gym
May 6, 2021
- Senior Citizens (A2) of Atok Health District (1st Dose)
- Atok Trail
- Fort del Pilar
- Apugan
- Remaining Senior Citizens (A2) of Loakan Health District (1st Dose)
- Remaining Senior Citizens (A2) of Quirino Hill and Aurora Hill Health Districts (1st Dose- Sinovac)
May 7, 2021
- Senior Citizens (A2) of Scout Barrio Health District (1st Dose)

8:00-11:00 AM
-Happy Hallow
-Upper Dagsian
11:00AM-2:00PM (1st Dose)
-Scout Barrio
-Lower Dagsian
-Gabriela Silang


Click this link to register and to confirm if registered or not:

There will be no onsite registration so make sure you have pre-registered before going to the venue.

Important Reminders

  • Consult your medical doctor if you have concerns prior to vaccination
  • WITH OR WITHOUT TEXT from LGU Baguio, you can register, go to the designated site, and get vaccinated
  • Bring your ID (Senior and/or PhilHealth) as proof that you are a resident of the barangay scheduled for vaccination
  • Proceed to your designated vaccination site indicated in this announcement and/or coordinate with your barangay for your transport.
  • Know your height and weight.
  • Drink your scheduled maintenance medicine, eat breakfast and bring water, candy, or biscuit.
  • Wear short sleeves shirt or bakuna blouse
  • If needed, one (1) companion is allowed for senior citizens who entails assistance.
  • For health workers and Persons with Co-Morbidities receiving the 2nd dose, bring your vaccination card.

For Inquiries:

Baguio City Health Services Office Facebook Page


  • 0916 7974 397 (Globe)
  • 0918 4880 195 (Smart)



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