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Baguio City temperature dropped to 13.0°C

Looks like to cold season is upon us. This is after the temperature in Baguio City dropped from 16.3°C yesterday, December 22, 2022 to 13°C this morning December 23, 2022.

The temperature drop is due to the northeast monsoon. This is however not the lowest temperature recorded for this year. It can be recalled that January of this year, the temperature in Baguio City dropped as low as 11°C.


Last February 14, 2017 Baguio City experienced a drop of temperature to 7.3°C however the lowest temperature recorded in Baguio City history was 6.3°C last January 18, 1961.


Time to bring out those jackets, bundle up and keep yourself warm. Further, keep yourself healthy by eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C.


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