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Baguio City reopened an isolation facility amidst rise in cases

The Baguio City government reopened the Sto. Niño isolation facility to accommodate the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the city. The Sto. Niño isolation facility became a vital facility during the city’s battle with COVID-19. It provided patients with much-needed care while they are in isolation helping them recuperate from the disease. Early this year, as the number of cases in Baguio City, dropped significantly the isolation facility was, as it seems, temporarily closed along with the Teacher’s Camp isolation facility. Only the Baguio Convention center isolation facility remained open.

Baguio City’s rising COVID-19 cases

Unfortunately, there is a need to reopen the isolation facility due to the resurgence of cases in Baguio. From recording zero cases in the past few months, it started to increase to an average of 48 cases a day in the past three days. Further data shows that the positivity rate in the City of Baguio is 7.8% with an average daily attack rate of 4.4/100,000.
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Although there is an increase in the number of cases the City Mayor categorized the COVID-19 situation as “very manageable”. The Mayor further assured the public that the city government and health officials are continuously monitoring and managing the situation.

Baguio City Hospital Utilization

As of July 18, 2022 the hospital critical utilization rate is 8.22% and the isolation bed utilization occupancy is at 12.43%. Most of the cases recorded are asymptomatic with no severe infections so far. The Mayor reminded the public to always observe the minimum health standards and protocols such as regular handwashing, observing physical distancing and wearing of facemasks.



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