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Baguio City records another lowest temperature for 2021 so far

Just when we thought that the temperature started to warm up, Baguio City has experienced yet a drop in temperature that started about five (5) days ago. Last January 27, 2021, the temperature started to go down at 16°C and from there it continued to go down to now the lowest temperature recorded in Baguio City for 2021 so far at 10°C at 5:00AM however, the temperature further dropped at 6:30AM to 9.4°C. This is brought about by the strong winds coming from the Northeast or “Amihan”.

This is the lowest temperature recorded in Baguio this year so far, topping the previous record of 10.4°C last January 10, 2021. The 10°C temperature was recorded today at 5:00AM as of the writing of this article there is still a possibility for the temperature to go down based on previous experiences. As of 6:30AM the temperature went down to 9.4°C.

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This is however not the coldest temperature in the Benguet or Cordillera region, as the area goes higher up in the mountains the temperature drops significantly, yesterday January 30, 2021, the temperature at Mount Sto. Tomas dropped to 7.8°C.

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Lowest Baguio Temperature Recorded Historically

In 2017, Baguio recorded its coldest temperature at 7.3°C however the coldest recorded in Baguio City historically was recorded January 18, 1961 at 6.3°C.

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