COVID-19 Positive Frontliner Steps Forward; Asked for Two Things

The BGHMC Nursing attendant Ms. Karla Cosme Saja, 34 years old from BGH Compound Barangay stepped forward and made her situation known through her facebook post to help facilitate the contact tracing process and to ask for two things from everyone.

Ms. Karla is a nursing attendant stationed at the Infectious Disease Building of BGHMC, the area where COVID-19 patients admitted. She had her first test for COVID-19 after assisting the first recorded fatality of COVID-19 in the City, her initial test turned out to be NEGATIVE. However, last April 25, 2020, she had her second swab and on April 26, 2020, she was given the unfortunate news, her test came back POSITIVE.

Despite the suggestions that she requests a transfer, on account that she has a little child, to another department, she remained to care for those inflicted with COVID-19.

In light of this situation that has befallen her she asks the public for two things:

1. Please spare my family from discrimination. They are my support system, and have been there with me since day one. They do not deserve to experience discrimination at this time. Although I know we are going to get through this together. No family deserve such treatment. Please stop talking about us and against us.

2. STOP ostracizing us, your healthcare workers. We did not wish for this. Pray for us, support our fight because this is not just about your safety but ours too. We need you as mush [sic] as you need us. Let us all work together and fight together. I urge all those who I came in contact with to to [sic] observe precautions and follow protocol. My daily activities have been submitted to the city health office/ PNP/ Baguio city to facilitate contact tracing.

Ms. Karla Cosme Saja ended her post with the following statement:

“I was there up until I became one of the cared ones. I firmly believe sa lahat ng sitwayson katulad nito ay kasama ko lagi si God and I will be back soon!”

We at Baguio City Guide / BCG News salute you and all of our dear frontliners for all your sacrifices, we fervently pray for your healing and recovery. 



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