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5 Reasons why a Fiber Connection is a Good Investment for your Household

Now that we are in the “new normal”, new ways of doing work, school, shopping, and entertainment have been unlocked to help us continue with our day-to-day lives. Online classes, virtual meetings, game and video streaming are just some of the activities that became more frequent, thus the need for a more reliable internet connection that will allow households to seamlessly perform these mid-to-heavy duty tasks have also increased.

How can a fiber optic internet connection improve the way we do online activities? Here are five reasons why getting a fiber internet connection can be a great investment for your household or business.

Faster Upload and Download Speed

The upload and download speed of an internet connection is one of the first things we usually look for because it tells how fast a user can send and receive data from the internet. According to fastmetrics, if your internet connection’s download speed is around 1 Mbps, downloading a 1 GB video would typically take you around 2 hours. But with a 20 Mbps download speed, the time will be significantly reduced to just 10 minutes. Faster upload and download speed means you can easily transmit files to your co-workers or instructors, thus also increasing the rate of productivity.

Source: fastmetrics

Improved Reliability

When it comes to reliability, Fiber Optic Technology remains on top of the list. Since fiber is relatively stronger than copper, fiber optic connection is more reliable and less susceptible to downtime especially during inclement weather. It means no sudden downtime, no fluctuating speed and no frustration caused by internet outage.  A laggy internet can be costly especially when you’re running a business because it affects the way you perform and deliver service to your clients. By investing in a high-speed internet connection, you do not have to worry about missing important business meetings or deadlines.

Better Security

A fiber-optic connection offers better security to its users simply by the way it transmits data. Since fiber optic cables allow data to move at speeds approaching the speed of light, it can be difficult for hackers to intercept data over a fiber connection.

More time to do the things that matter

High-speed internet is a game-changer when it comes to boosting productivity. It can allow you to do things at a faster pace and would, therefore, allow you to finish things on time and have more time to spare for things that matter. 

Spending quality time with family, nurturing connections no matter the distance- with a reliable fiber optic connection for the family, waiting for things to load is now a thing of the past and you can focus on the things that matter in real-time. 

Wide Array of Data Plans And Exciting Offers to Choose From

Getting a fiber optic connection for your home is a worthy investment. You can also choose from different data plans and offers that will suit the needs of your household. With Globe at Home Plans, you can enjoy unlimited internet data, unlimited calls to entertainment subscriptions at your preference. If you are a Globe Mobile Postpaid user or a non-Globe internet user, Globe is currently offering 50% off for the first 6 months of your Globe At Home Plan. Apply here today.

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