14 More Coffins Sealed for 2,500 Years Discovered in Egypt

On Sunday, September 20, 2020, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has announced that they have discovered 14 more human coffins that have been sealed for 2,500 Years.

“Last week we announced the discovery of 13 sealed human coffins. In the last few days we discovered 14 more.” Statement of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

The additional coffins were discovered at the Saqqara in Egypt, the burial spot where the first 13 human wooden sealed coffins were found.  With the additional discovery of the authorities, the total number of coffins discovered is 27 human closed coffins.

Furthermore, in the statement released by the authorities, they believed that there are more coffins yet to be discovered at the burial site as it is likely that more of them will be found inside the niches located on the sides of the wells.

Photos of the New Discovery

Here are a few of the photos of the newly discovered coffins shared by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

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Source:  Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

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