Number Coding Scheme in Baguio City

Every now and then, a lot of people come to Baguio City in order to experience its cool weather, visit its popular tourist destinations, and join events being held here. And most of the time, tourists travel by using their own or rented cars for reasons of privacy and convenience.


Hence, for the benefit of everyone and to avoid any problems, here are things that you should know about the Number Coding Scheme in the City of Pines.


Implementation of Number Coding

The Number Coding Scheme in Baguio is being implemented during weekdays only. All motor vehicles, based on the last number of their license plates, are prohibited from entering or operating within the number coding zone on a given weekday starting from 7 AM to 7 PM:

Number CodeDay Prohibited

Take note, however, that if you are one of those people who haven’t been issued or haven’t received their license plates yet, the last number of the conduction sticker shall be used for the number coding.


Coverage of Number Coding

The Number Coding Scheme is being implemented only on roads within the number coding zone.

The following roads, consisting the perimeter line of the zone, are then considered outside and not included in the implementation of the scheme:

  • Naguilian Road from the junction of Bokawkan Road to the junction of Abanao Street
  • Abanao Street Extension to the junction of Yandoc Street
  • Yandoc Street
  • Legarda Road to the junction of Marcos Highway
  • Marcos Highway from the junction of Legarda Road to BGH Circle
  • Kennon Road from BGH Circle to the junction of Military Cut-Off Road
  • Military Cut Off Road to Military Circle
  • South Drive from Military Circle to Teacher’s Camp Road
  • M. Roxas Road to Trancoville Bridge
  • Bokawkan Road (including part of Magsaysay Avenue below the Flyover) from the junction of La Trinidad Road and Trancoville Bridge to the junction of Naguilian Road

NOTE: In order to avoid violations, motor vehicles prohibited within the number coding zone can traverse the roads mentioned above.


Exemption Pass


The number coding scheme do not apply if the vehicles are any of the following:

  1. Chartered mini-buses used to visit Baguio City for the purposes of lakbay-aral or excursion
  2. Government-owned motor vehicles with red plates (used to allow government officials to do their functions)
  3. Vehicles of the Philippine Postal Corporation being used to deliver mail.
  4. Armored cars used by banks for bulk money transfer
  5. Motor vehicles used in cases of emergency posing danger to life and limb
  6. Water delivery trucks used in assisting in fire control
  7. Service vehicles of public utility companies performing an emergency repairs within the number coding zone.
  8. Land Transportation and Regulatory Board registered school services ferrying preschool, elementary and high school students from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in schools located within the number coding zone.
  9. Private motor vehicles and chartered public utility vehicles of tourists who are participants of sanctioned activities such as conventions, conferences and assemblies.
    NOTE: Sponsoring groups of such events must issue participants
    with necessary stickers or documents
    as proof of their

Note: The Traffic Unit is no longer issuing Exemption Pass.


Suspension of the Ordinance

The suspension of the Number Coding Scheme is only executed through an Administrative Order issued by the City Mayor under the following conditions:


a. occurrence of public disturbances or natural calamities
b. observance of major official celebrations or similar activities sponsored or co-sponsored by the City Government for a limited duration or a specific period



Vehicles prohibited from entering the number coding zone based on the scheme are also not allowed to park along roads or streets which are included in the perimeter line from 7AM to 7PM, Monday to Friday.


In line with this, there are actually pay parking areas around the city where you can leave your cars without worrying while touring Baguio. Just remember to always be patient in looking and waiting especially during holidays, city activities, or weekends where a lot of tourists are going to Baguio City.


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