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This upcoming Google Maps feature will help you estimate your toll gate costs

This upcoming Google Maps feature will help you plan your trips better and manage your expenses in advance.

Google has recently announced a new update to Google Maps, helping travelers by providing an estimated total of the toll gate costs in the user’s route before navigating. The feature was first announced in April, designed to “help make the choice between toll roads and regular roads easier.”

Google states that the toll gate prices will be based on “trusted information from local tolling authorities.” Factors such as whether the toll gate requires a toll pass or not, what day of the week it is, and the specific time a driver is expected to cross the toll gate, are also taken into consideration.

If you are not a fan of toll roads, you can also opt for an entirely toll-free route. Tap the three dots at the right topmost corner of your Google Maps screen and select “Avoid tolls.”

As of date, the feature is currently available on Android and iOS in the United States, India, and Indonesia, with more countries upcoming soon.

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