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This drone is a farmers’ intelligent flying farming companion

The province of Benguet and other provinces in the Cordillera mainly get their revenue from farming. Farming methods in the highlands are much more difficult than in the lowlands. This is because highland farmers had to deal with uneven and sloping terrains in the mountains in order to till the land.

Be that as it may, one thing that highland and lowland farmers can agree upon is that they have to tend to the vast amount of land. Farming is one of the industries that has not been reached by the wonders of technology, well, at least in emerging markets, until today.

Enter XAG

XAG is a robotics and AI company from China and is considered one of the largest developers of agricultural drones. For years they have been developing agricultural drones for more efficient mapping, seed sowing, and plant disease control. Recently, the company is gearing up for the global launch of its XAG V40 and P40. These two models of agricultural drones can help farmers in protecting their crops.

XAG V40 and P40 3-in-1 functions

Both the XAG V40 and P40 are highly modular with three-in-one functions, these functions are RevoCast, RealTerra, and RevoSpray. As of today, farmers are still using knapsack sprays and tractors spraying aimlessly in their farming land. This leads to waste of water and chemical overuse.

With the XAG drone, using its RealTerra system, it can map and analyze farmland autonomously. Once terrain mapping is done, the V40 or P40 can be switched to RevoCast or RevoSpray to efficiently spray on the farmland, cutting down the use of pesticides and fertilizes where it is necessary.

Navigation of the V40 and P40 is easy as it is equipped with the Super X intelligent control system providing for high accuracy navigation. Control is accessible as the drone can be piloted using the XAG One App which can be downloaded on any compatible smartphone.

The XAG V40 is equipped with a 16L water tank and 25L  granular container for spray function and seed sowing or fertilizer distribution respectively. While the lower version P40 is equipped with a 20L water tank. On top of that, both drones are equipped with IP67 rating protection to protect them from harsh environments. The drones are waterproof, dust-proof, and chemical-proof. Everything it needs to protect the drones from corrosion.

Watch the XAG V40 in Action





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