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The Province of Benguet Declared Under the State of Calamity

In the wake of the devastating impact caused by Super Typhoon “Egay” (internationally recognized as Doksuri), the Provincial Government of Benguet has officially declared the province under a state of calamity through Resolution No. 2023-688.

The Devastation by Super Typhoon Egay

Super Typhoon “Egay” wreaked havoc across multiple regions, but the Province of Benguet stood out as one of the most severely affected areas. The super typhoon’s wrath was manifested through battering winds, relentless torrential rains, consequent landslides, widespread flooding, and rampant destruction of both public and private properties.

Significance of the Impact:

  • Loss of Lives and Displacement: The aftermath of the typhoon sadly included the loss of lives, with countless families displaced from their homes.
  • Infrastructure Damage: Both public and private facilities were severely hit. This included extended power outages, significant disruptions to the communication channels, and transport systems.
  • Economic Toll: The Province’s economy, largely dependent on its agriculture, experienced considerable damages. Agricultural lands were devastated, and the loss extended to livestock and agricultural facilities across all municipalities.

  • Key Figures and Findings:

    • According to the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (PDRRMC), 103 out of 140 barangays, which account for 73%, reported critical incidents such as damaged homes, casualties, and evacuations.
    • Widespread damages to essential lifelines like roads, water systems, telecommunication channels, and power lines were noted. This disrupted the delivery of essential goods, services, and put the safety of residents at risk.
    • From an economic perspective, significant losses were reported by the Benguet Electric Cooperative, with damages amounting to over Eight Million Pesos. Furthermore, the National Irrigation Authority revealed damages to irrigation facilities within Benguet totaling Thirty-Five Million Pesos.
    • The Provincial Engineering Office indicated that 42% of the provincial roads (24 out of 57) incurred significant damage due to the landslides triggered by the super typhoon.

    In light of these dire circumstances and based on the recommendations of the PDRRMC, the Province of Benguet felt the urgency to declare a state of calamity. This official declaration will expedite the release of funds and resources to aid in the immediate relief and long-term rehabilitation efforts.

    With this declaration, Benguet hopes to harness national support and solidarity in these challenging times, as they embark on the road to recovery.

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