Slurp! World Soup Collective at SM City Baguio

This rainy season, especially here in Baguio City, it would be very satisfying and comforting to be able to keep yourself warm. Staying tucked within the covers of your bed and keeping yourself dry under the roof of your home is an excellent way to beat the cold weather brought about by the season, but there’s another way to stay warm and that is to slurp hot soups. That’s right, slurp variety of soups of your choice; there are just a lot of kinds to choose from.

There’s no need to surge through light or heavy rainfall to go from one place to another just to get a taste of different types of soups here in the City of Pines. Under just one roof, you will be able to proceed with your very own soup food crawl without having to worry about the hassle. From popular Filipino soups such as Pinapaitan and Sinigang to foreign soups such as Ramen and Jjampong, you can have it all in SM City Baguio!

Slurp! World Soup Collective at SM City Baguio showcases soups from the different establishment which offers different types of soups around the globe. From the SM City Baguio Foodcourt alone, there are already a wide variety of soups to choose from. Purple Pad Thai has Tom Yum Soup, Inihaw X has Beef Pinapaitan, Salo has Lechon Belly Sinigang and Beef Bulalo, Seoul Bibimbob has Korean Ramen, Nanam Iloco has Bagnet Sinigang, Seafood Pier has Salmon Belly Sinigang and Oriental Bowl has Chinese Shabu-Shabu.

Beyond the Foodcourt, also at the lower ground floor of SM City Baguio, located just adjacent to the Supermarket, French Baker also offers a soup – the Chicken Noodle Bread Bowl Soup. On the same floor, Entree by Vizcos also has different types of soups such as Potato Cheese Chowder, Tomato Soup, and Mushroom Soup.

Slurp! World Soup Collective 
at SM City Baguio

On the upper ground floor, on the other hand, establishments such as Tokyo-Tokyo and Pancake House also offers soups to warm you up. Tokyo-Tokyo has a variety of soups to offer and one of them is their Beef and Tomato Ramen. Pancake house also has different soups to choose from which include their mushroom soup at almondigas.

On the second floor of SM City Baguio, there is also the Mini Shabu-Shabu which offers mouthwatering crab and lobster shabu-shabu meals, and Teriyaki Boy which has a variety of soups including their Tonkotsu Teishoku. Aside from those two, David’s Tea House with their Polonchay Soup and Beef Wonton Soup, BonChon with their Jjampong and Bulgogi Soup, and Woodnymph with their Seafood Jjampong are also on the same floor. Since the establishments are just a few steps from each other slurping one type of soup after you finish the other would be a piece of cake… or should I say a bowl of mouthwatering soup?

Tons of great soups were already mentioned, but if you’re still craving for more, proceed to the third floor and make your way to Dencio’s which offers Bangus Belly Sinigang and Molo Soup and Max’s with their Pork Ribs Sinigang.

Satisfy your cravings and heaten up cold days during the rainy season. Go with your favorite soup or go try them all. The choice is yours!

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