Seafood City: More Than Just a Supermarket – A Gateway to the Flavors and Traditions of the Philippines

Truly experiencing a place means immersing oneself in its culture, living like a local, and walking in the shoes of those who call it home. For us, this opportunity came when we were able to spend several weeks living in San Diego, California. During our stay, we made a point to not only visit popular tourist destinations but also to explore the daily experiences of Filipinos residing in San Diego. While our time there may be considered relatively brief compared to those who have lived in the area for years, we believe that our experiences can provide insight into what life is really like in this particular part of the world.

As advocates of promoting local cultures to a global audience, we at Baguio City Guide are excited to share our experiences and discoveries with our readers. Our latest series will take you on a journey through San Diego and highlight some of the hidden gems we discovered along the way. We’ll start with what we consider to be a Filipino Oasis – Seafood City.

As we stepped into Seafood City, the bustling Filipino-American supermarket chain that offers a vast array of fresh seafood and exotic produce, we were immediately struck by the vibrant energy of the place. The air was alive with the aromas of spices and herbs, and the sound of sizzling pans and chopping knives echoed through the aisles.


A Familiar fish staple is also available here

Seafood city Bangus

Fresh pangasinan bangus

As we explored the store, we were delighted to find an astonishing variety of seafood on offer, from giant crabs and lobsters to delicate fish and clams. The seafood was impeccably fresh and carefully selected, with the expert fishmongers expertly cleaning and filleting each catch to perfection.

Seafood City Crab Legs

Crab Legs anyone?

Seafoods at Seafood City

Fish of different varieties

But Seafood City is more than just a seafood market; it’s a hub for the Filipino-American community. The store is packed with a plethora of exotic ingredients that are essential to Filipino cooking, from tangy tamarind to sweet jackfruit. The aroma of freshly baked pandesal, a classic Filipino bread, filled the air, and I couldn’t resist trying a few bites of the buttery, golden-brown rolls.

Plethora of ingredients at Seafood City

Frozen dahon ng sili, dahon ng ampalaya and malunggay

Pork blood

Dinuguan anyone?

While walking through the store, we couldn’t help but notice the sense of community that pervaded the space. Families shopped together, friends chatted over samples of local delicacies, and staff members greeted regular customers by name. It was clear that Seafood City was more than just a grocery store; it was a cultural gathering place.

Seafoods at Seafood City

Fish of different varieties

In the end, we left Seafood City feeling invigorated and inspired by the incredible variety of flavors and cultures on display. For anyone interested in exploring the rich and diverse cuisine of the Philippines, Seafood City is a must-visit destination that offers not only fresh and delicious seafood but also a glimpse into the heart and soul of Filipino-American culture.

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